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Data Loggers

Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-08
OVERVIEW:Elitech GSP6 data logger is mainly used to record the temperature and humidity of food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, etc. It is widely applicable to each link in the storage and logistics of the cold chains, such as refrigerated containers, refrigerator truck, cooler bag, cooler cabinet, ..
Rs. 12,500/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-10
OVERVIEW:Elitech RCW-800 Wi-Fi temperature logger is a two-channel temperature and relative humidity data logger based on the Internet of Things technology. All data recorded is transmitted via Wi-Fi network infrastructure. There is no communication fee, thereby, reducing operational costs and fees...
Rs. 38,500/-
Circutor M-CVM-B-Datalogger Expansion Modules
Brand: CIRCUTOR Model: CIRR-16
OVERVIEW:Expansion module which enables logging of historical data, accessible through the JAVA™ compatible web browser (PowerStudio environment).Applications:Storage of data in own unit.Integration in SCADA through XML requests (service integrated in the module)Programming and storage of calculatio..
Rs. 99,960/-
MaxPower eSolar Logger Data Acquisition Module
Brand: MAX POWER Model: MAXR-32
OVERVIEW:Wiring connected to the residential network, easy to plug in and use. No need to configure parameters embedded local web page, the parameters are readable. Waterproof RJ45 connector is safe and reliable. Supports remote and controlling functions...
Rs. 39,600/-
TES-1316 Data Logger Thermometer
Brand: TES Model: WTES-08
OVERVIEW:Thermometer for type K, J, E, T, R, S, N thermocouple typesDual input function T1/T2 temperature displayUser selectable °C/°F/KHI/LO alarm settingsMax/Min/Avg and Hold functions4-1/2 digit display with backlight7500 sample datalogging capacity with time stampDocument:TES-1316 Data Logger Th..
Rs. 21,420/-
Brand: Fluke Model: FLUE-91
OVERVIEW:Fluke 54 II B dual input digital thermometer can log up to 500 points of data to internal memory. Fast response and laboratory accuracy (0.05% + 0.3 °C). Take contact temperature for checking motors, insulation, breakers, pipes, corroded connections, liquids, and wires with industrial stand..
Rs. 80,000/-
ST-171 Temperature & Humidity USB Data Logger
Out Of Stock
Brand: Standard Instruments Model: STAS-05
OVERVIEW:With this ST-171 Datalogger you can measure and record both ambient temperature and relative humidity. No wires are needed. Just plug the USB Data Logger into PC and start downloading the measurements on your computer using its analysis software (included).Features:Stores up to 16,000 tempe..
Rs. 9,500/-
Brand: CEM Model: WCEM-17
OVERVIEW:This sleek looking USB instrument is a very handy and useful devise to record temperature using a K type thermocouple. Gone are the days of Heavy Bulky and Costly Strip Chart Recorders. This instrument, as small as a USB Flash drives, and can be programmed for the sampling rate and alarm se..
Rs. 15,500/-
Brand: UNI-T Model: UNIT-91
OVERVIEW:UT181A is a digital multimeter with trend capture, true RMS, low pass filter, nS conductance, dual temperature measurement, and more. With the help of the datalogging feature, users can store up to 20000 sets of measurement data and display them on a trend graph for long term monitoring.Fea..
Rs. 91,430/-
Brand: UNI-T Model: UNIT-200
OVERVIEW:UNI-T UT330C is a digital USB datalogger designed for temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure monitoring and recording. UNI-T UT330C meets IP67 rating requirements for water and dust resistance. UNI-T UT330C USB Data logger uses high-precision temperature, humidity, and atmospheric p..
Rs. 23,000/-
Brand: UNI-T Model: UNIT-413
OVERVIEW:The UT330TH/UT330THC USB Dataloggers use high-precision temperature and humidity sensors for long period monitoring and recording. They are ideal tools for monitoring goods sensitive to temperature and humidity such as drugs and perishable food during transportation and storage.Features:640..
Rs. 12,000/-
Omron ZSDSU11 Data Storage Unit
Model: ICST-113
OVERVIEW: Explore find out latest Omron ZSDSU11 Data Storage Unit products & other electronic components at a discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We are official distributors of Omron ZSDSU11 Data Storage Unit in Pakistan...
Rs. 30,000/-
TES 1384 4 Input Thermometer/Datalogger
Brand: TES Model: WTES-03
OVERVIEW:TES 1384 4 Input Thermometer is a digital 4 input thermometer and datalogger for working with any K, J, E, T, R, S, N, L, U, B and C-type thermocouple as temperature sensor.Temperature indication follows the international temperature scale of 1990.(ITS-90) Read the following safety informat..
Rs. 52,000/-
PROVA 800 Multi-Input Thermometer/Datalogger
Brand: TES Model: WTES-33
OVERVIEW:Analysis for thermal profile and thermal distribution.8 input temperature measurement/data logging (℃/℉)Graphic display of overall trend for each input4.5” STN LCD (240 x 128) with backlightSelection of 11 types of thermocouple (K, J, E, T, R, S, N,…)Easy operation by plugging in mini conne..
Rs. 99,750/-
TP3000WC TYCON USA Data Logging Wireless Weather Station
Brand: Mastech Model: MASH-49
OVERVIEW:The ProWeatherStation™ is a high performance wireless data logging weather station with advanced sensor technology resulting in good accuracy at a low cost. It provides instantaneous and historical data on Inside and Outside Temperature and Humidity, Wind Speed (average and gust), Wind Dire..
Rs. 56,000/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-01
OVERVIEW:Elitech RC-4HC temperature and humidity data logger features a multi-function LCD alarm indicator, replaceable battery with a buzzer alarm. A reason why it satisfies the dynamic and growing demand for cost effective temperature data logger in cold chain supply.With Elitech temperature data ..
Rs. 9,560/-
Elitech RC-5 USB Temperature Data Logger
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-07
OVERVIEW:Elitech RC-5 + USB temperature recorder, automatically generates PD reports. It can access more quickly any data collected during the cold chain management process. This may be medicines, foods, life sciences, incubators, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, freezer cabinets or laboratori..
Rs. 4,000/-
Fluke 1732 Three-Phase Electrical Energy Logger
Brand: Fluke Model: FLUE-04
OVERVIEW:Deliver easy to use three-phase power measurement data for locating sources of electrical energy waste, overloaded circuits and help users do routine load studies. Find out when and where energy in your facility is being used - from the service entrance to individual circuits. This electric..
Rs. 800,000/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-16
OVERVIEW:Elitech RC-17 handles the temperature monitoring for your food supply chain from processing, transportation to distribution. Store up to 16,000 temperature readings with LED status notice and super small&light design. This disposable temperature recorder is packed in a waterproof bag, m..
Rs. 2,200/-
Brand: Elitech Model: ELIH-17
OVERVIEW:Elitech RC-5+ USB digital temperature monitors are highly reliable electronic data loggers that enable you to make immediate accept or reject decisions and gain greater visibility into every critical step of your cold chain.In addition to the strict quality control methods used in the desig..
Rs. 7,400/-
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A Data Logger (also datalogger or data recorder) is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location either with a built in instrument or sensor or via external instruments and sensors. Increasingly, but not entirely, they are based on a digital processor (or computer).

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Product NamePrice
Uni-T UT330C USB Data LoggerRs. 7,900/- 
Benetech GM1365 Temperature And Humidity Data-LoggerRs. 8,500/- 
ST-171 Temperature & Humidity USB Data LoggerRs. 9,500/- 
ST-172 Temperature/RH Data Logger With LCD DisplayRs. 13,000/- 
CEM ST-171T Temperature Data LoggerRs. 15,500/- 
TES-1316 Data Logger ThermometerRs. 21,420/- 
TES 1339R Data Logger Light Meter ProRs. 25,200/- 
MaxPower ESolar Logger Data Acquisition ModuleRs. 39,600/- 
Lutron TM-947SD Digital 4-Channel Thermometer With DataloggerRs. 48,000/- 
TP3000WC TYCON USA Data Logging Wireless Weather StationRs. 56,000/- 

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Product Name Price
Elitech GSP-6 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Rs. 12,500/-
Elitech RCW800 WIFI Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Rs. 38,500/-
Circutor M-CVM-B-Datalogger Expansion Modules Rs. 99,960/-
MaxPower eSolar Logger Data Acquisition Module Rs. 39,600/-
TES-1316 Data Logger Thermometer Rs. 21,420/-
Fluke 54 II B Data Logging Thermometer Rs. 80,000/-
ST-171 Temperature & Humidity USB Data Logger Rs. 9,500/-
CEM ST-171T Temperature Data Logger Rs. 15,500/-
Uni-T UT181A True RMS Datalogging Multimeter Rs. 91,430/-
Uni-T UT330C USB Data Logger Rs. 23,000/-
Uni-T UT330TH USB Datalogger Rs. 12,000/-
Omron ZSDSU11 Data Storage Unit Rs. 30,000/-
TES 1384 4 Input Thermometer/Datalogger Rs. 52,000/-
PROVA 800 Multi-Input Thermometer/Datalogger Rs. 99,750/-
TP3000WC TYCON USA Data Logging Wireless Weather Station Rs. 56,000/-