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DSE4520 Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Modules

DSE4520 Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Modules  Price in Pakistan
DSE4520 Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Modules


The DSE4510 Auto Start Control Module and the DSE4520 Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module are suitable for a wide variety of single gen-set applications.

Whilst maintaining functions included within higher end controllers, such as generator or load power monitoring, the DSE45xx range of especially compact controllers provide the user with the ultimate size to feature ratio.

Monitoring engine speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, frequency, voltage, current, power and fuel level, the modules will give comprehensive engine and alternator protection. This will be indicated on the largest back-lit LCD icon display in its class via an array of warning, electrical trip and shutdown alarms.


  • Largest back-lit icon display in its class
  • Current sensing, real time clock & heated display options available
  • Fully configurable via the fascia or PC using USB communication
  • Extremely efficient power save mode
  • 3 phase generator sensing
  • 3 phase mains (utility) sensing (DSE4520 only)
  • Compatible with 600 V ph - ph nominal systems
  • Generator/load power monitoring (kW, kV A, kV Ar, pf)
  • Generator overload protection (kW)
  • Generator/load current monitoring and protection
  • Fuel and start outputs (configurable when using CAN)
  • 4 configurable DC outputs (2 for
  • DSE4510)
  • 3 configurable analogue/digital inputs
  • 4 configurable digital inputs
  • Configurable staged loading outputs
  • CAN and alternator speed sensing in one variant
  • 3 engine maintainance alarms
  • Engine speed protection
  • Engine hours counter
  • Engine pre-heat
  • Engine run-time scheduler
  • Engine idle control for starting & stopping
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Start on low battery voltage
  • Configurable remote start input
  • 1 alternative configuration
  • Comprehensive warning, electrical trip or shutdown protection upon fault condition
  • LCD alarm indication
  • Event log (15)

Key Benefits:

  • Ultimate size to feature ratio
  • Automatically transfers between mains (utility) and generator (DSE4520 only)
  • Hours counter provides accurate information for monitoring and maintenance periods
  • User-friendly set-up and button layout for ease of use
  • Multiple parameters are monitored simultaneously which are clearly displayed on the largest back-lit icon display in its class
  • The module can be configured to suit a wide range of applications
  • Compatible with a wide range of CAN engines, including tier 4 engine support
  • Uses DSE Configuration Suite
  • PC Software for simplified configuration
  • Licence-free PC software
  • IP65 rating (with optional gasket) offers increased resistance to water ingress


Product Details
Product NameDSE4520 Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Modules
PriceRs. 20,000/-
Sleep CurrentMax : 35 mA at 12 V, 32 mA at 24 V , | Deep : <10 uA at 12 V, <10 uA at 24 V
Voltage rangeMAINS (UTILITY) : 15 V to 415 V AC (Ph to N) 26 V to 719 V AC (Ph to Ph), | GENERATOR : 15 V to 415 V AC (Ph to N) 26 V to 719 V AC (Ph to Ph)
DC SupplyContinous Voltage Rating : 8 V to 35 V Continuous
General Specification
Aux OutputOUTPUTS C, D, E & F : 2 A DC at supply voltage ­­
OutputOUTPUT A (FUEL) : 10 A short term, 5 A continuous, at supply voltage |OUTPUT B (START) : 10 A short term, 5 A continuous, at supply voltage
Standby CurrentMax : 51 mA at 12 V, 47 mA at 24 V
Operating CurrentMax : 85 mA at 12 V, 96 mA at 24 V
Frequency RangeMAINS (UTILITY) : 3.5 Hz to 75 Hz , | Generator : 3.5 Hz to 75 Hz

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