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Panasonic EE8123-821 Photoelectric Switch (Daylight Switch)

Panasonic EE8123-821 Photoelectric Switch (Daylight Switch) price in Paksitan
Panasonic EE8123-821 Photoelectric Switch (Daylight Switch)
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  • Model: PANC-07
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Rs. 24,000/-


  • For Automatic Switching of Garden lamps, gate lamps, Window & showcase lamp, shopping arcades, Illuminated signs and street lamps.
  • For Automatic Switching of factory and Work site lamps.
  • No.false switching due to momentary high brightness such as from Automobile headlights.
  • Un-effected by lght from controlled lamps due to downward mounting.
  • High speed Switching mechanism
  • EE Switches are provided with built-in arresters for protection against Lighting surge.       

Product Details
Product NamePanasonic EE8123-821 Photoelectric Switch (Daylight Switch)
PriceRs. 6,800/-
Operating VoltageRange : 210 to 250VAC
Light Levelto turn lamp ON .... 40 Lux (approx), to turn lamp OFF .... 120 Lux (approx).
Power Consumptionless than 6mA.
General Specification
Flourescent Lamps6 of 40 W
Incandescent Lamps10 of 60 W
Load Current Capacity3 Amps.
Mercury Lamps3 of 80W/100W/125W, 1 of 200W/250W/300W.

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