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Endress + Hauser FTL-260 Level Switch

Endress + Hauser FTL-260 Level Switch price in Paksitan
Endress + Hauser FTL-260 Level Switch
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  • Model: ENDR-02
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Rs. 53,000/-


  • Small, slender design: low space requirement, easy mounting in places with limited access
  • Stainless steel housing: rugged
  • Switching status and external testing: simple control
  • Plug connection: low-cost connection

Measuring System:

The Liquiphant FTL 260 is a compact limit switch, to which miniature contactors , magnetic valves and programmable logic controllers (PLC) can be directly connected.

Function and Dimensions:

The symmetrical vibrating fork is excited to its resonant frequency which changes when the fork is submerged in liquid.

The change is registered by the electronics, which actuate an electronic switch.

The Liquiphant FTL 260 can be operated in both minimum or maximum fail-safe mode, i.e. the electronic switch opens on reaching the limit value, in cases of fault or a loss of power.


Product Details
Product NameEndress + Hauser FTL-260 Level Switch
PriceRs. 53,000/-
Ambient Temperature-40 °C ... 70 °C (-40 °F ... 158 °F)
Characteristicscompact device media independent Switch point 118mm
TemperatureProcess temperature : -40 °C ... 150 °C (-40 °F ... 302 °F)
Process connectionG1A, NPT1", R1"
Supply VoltageAnalogue output: 12...30V DC Switch output: 18...32V DC
CommunicationSupply : 19 ... 253V AC 10 ... 55V DC-PNP,AC, 2-wire DC-PNP, 3-wire
Main wetted parts316Ti
Min. density of medium0,7g/cm3
Process pressure absoluteVacuum ... 40 bar (Vacuum ... 580 psi)
Sensor Length130mm (5.12")
General Specification
Measuring PrincipleVibration Liquids
CertificateWHG/ Overfill prevention CSA GL marine

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