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Fluke 123 Industrial Scope Meter

Fluke 123 Industrial Scope Meter price in Paksitan
Fluke 123 Industrial Scope Meter
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  • Model: FLUE-80
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Rs. 485,000/-


The compact Scope Meter FLUKE 123 is the rugged solution for industrial troubleshooting and installation applications. It's a truly integrated test tool, with oscilloscope, multimeter and 'paperless' recorder in one affordable, easy-to-use instrument.

The Fluke 123 Industrial Scope Meter test tool is the ideal choice for troubleshooting industrial machinery, instrumentation, control, and power systems. Its innovative, easy-to-use features save time and help minimize downtime in production and manufacturing systems. Scope, Meter and Recorder in one handheld package. Combines the three most frequently used service tools in one. Connect-and-View? hands-off operation for checking an entire troubleshooting sequence without ever touching a button. Checks and troubleshoots AC and DC motor drives, sensors and actuators, line voltage, transformers and converters, analog and digital control loops. Single, shielded test lead measures all functions for intuitive ease of use. Fits easily in your hand - just 2.5 lb./1.2 kg. Safety-designed and certified for measurements on 600Vdc


  • Dual-input 20 MHz digital oscilloscope
  • Two 5,000 counts true-RMS digital multimeter
  • Automatic measurements
  • A dual-input Trend Plot™ recorder
  • Connect-and-View™ trigger simplicity for hands-off operation
  • Shielded test leads for oscilloscope, resistance and continuity measurements
  • Up to 7 hours battery operation
  • 600 V CAT III safety certified
  • Optically-isolated interface for PC connection
  • Rugged, compact cas
  • Bright, high contrast backlight LCD gives a clear picture in all light conditions
  • Advanced triggering capability. Connect and View automatic triggering for simplicity
  • Automatic capture and replay of 100 screens, can be replayed as live animation or picture by picture
  • 24 automatic wave forms measurements
  • Independent floating isolated inputs. Up to 1000V between inputs reference and ground
  • Cursor, zoom and real time clock
  • Includes a 5000 count true RMS multimeter and dual channel Trend plot paperless 8 day recorder
  • Four-hour rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • Rugged, shockproof case with integrated holster
  • 1000V CAT II and 600V CAT III safety certified


Maintenance & Repair, Industrial, Motor Drive & Control


Product Details
Product Name Fluke 123 Industrial Scope Meter
Price Rs. 485000/-
Channel Scope : 2 Channel
Sampling Rate 25MSPS
General Specification
Bandwith 20MHz
Display Type Scope : LCD Monochrom
Memory Display Depth : 512 kpts

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