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Fuji MS4S-A-AP Contact Timers (8 Pin)

Fuji MS4S-A-AP Contact Timers (8 Pin)  Price in Pakistan
Fuji MS4S-A-AP Contact Timers (8 Pin)


  • Time-scale indication window and time-scale selector
  • By turning a time-scale selector, thetiming-scales appear in the indication windows one set a time. Although this is a multimode timer, the optional times such as 56 or 27minutes can be easily set with the direct-reading time-scale.
  • Compact timer with instantaneous contact
  • On-delay timers with instantaneous contact, as well as multimode and on-delay timers, are compact. The front to back length of the timers is only 66.5mm.
  • Operation mode indication window and operation mode selector
  • Four operation modes are provided(MS4SM type only).
  • By turning the operation mode selector, the on-delay, flicker, one-shot, or signal off-delay operation mode can be selected. The presentmode is shown in the operation mode indication window with the marks PO, FL, OS or SF.
  • LED power ON and output indicator
  • The power-source lamp (Green) is lit when power is on and flickers during timer operation.
  • The output lamp (Red) is lit when the timed NO contact is on.
  • Wide range of AC supply voltage
  • Supply voltages of 100 to 240V AC are commonly available (ordering code: AP type only).
  • Instantaneous operation function with 0 indication
  • When the timer dial is set at 0, output is given instantaneously, allowing sequence checks to be performed easily.
  • Time unit indication window and time unit selector
  • By turning the time selector, time units of 0.1 sec., sec., min, and hours. can be selected and made to appear in the indication window.
  • Improvement of resistance to waveform distortion
  • The resistance to distortion of secondary voltage waveform of the power supply caused by inverters and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) is improved.
  • UL, and TÜV approved


Fuji MS4S-A-AP Super Timers (8 Pin)

Product Details
Product NameFuji MS4S-A-AP Contact Timers (8 Pin)
PriceRs. 6,260/-
WeightAbout 100 g
Insulation Resistance100 or more(with DV500V mega)
Humidity35-85 (don't freeze over and dew)
Temperature-10-+55 (don't freeze over and dew)
ControlAC 250V 5A (cosphi=1)
Terminal TypeEight pins
Power ConsumptionAbout 10 VA
Rated Voltage(Shared) AC100-240v (50 / 60 Hz)
General Specification
Set Error+/-5% of +/-0.05s

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