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Hanna HI-98108 Waterproof Pocket pH Tester

Hanna HI-98108 Waterproof Pocket pH Tester price in Paksitan
Hanna HI-98108 Waterproof Pocket pH Tester
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  • Model: HANS-14
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Rs. 27,000/-


The HI98108 pHep+® pH tester provides high accuracy measurements in a rugged pocket-sized design. This meter features an exposed temperature sensor that will provide rapid automatic temperature compensated measurements. The simple two-button operation provides one button for ON/OFF, the other for calibration. Being lightweight and only 0.7" thick, the pHep+ is extremely ergonomic and fits comfortably in your hand. 

The pH electrode uses a unique reference cell design that utilizes an extractable cloth junction. A clogged junction will typically exhibit erratic readings that will not stabilize. Simply extracting a small portion of cloth from the meter will clear any clog by exposing a fresh, clean surface. The ability to clear any clogging will extend the life of the pH electrode.

Calibration is performed by pressing the dedicated calibration button. Once in calibration mode the pH electrode can be calibrated to 1 or 2 points using the pre-programmed standard buffers (pH 4.01, 7.01,10.01). When the standard value is recognized and stability is reached, the meter automatically accepts and stores the calibration value.


  • Slim, Ergonomic Design
  • Large Multi-Level LCD
  • Two-Button Operation
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Stability Indicator
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Battery % Shown at Startup


Product Details
Product NameHanna HI-98108 Waterproof Pocket pH Tester
PriceRs. 27,000/-
Temperature Range0.0 to 50.0°C / 32.0 to 122.0°F
Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C /±1°F
Temperature Resolution0.1°C / 0.1°F
General Specification
pH Accuracy±0.1 pH
pH Range0.0 to 14.0 pH
pH Resolution0.01 pH
Weight65 g
Dimension160 x 40 x 17 mm

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