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Hanna HI83300 Multiparameter Photometer & pH Meter

Hanna HI83300 Multiparameter Photometer & pH Meter  Price in Pakistan
Hanna HI83300 Multiparameter Photometer & pH Meter


HannaHI83300 is a compact, multiparameter photometer for use in the lab or in the field. The meter is one of the most advanced photometers available with a innovative optical design that utilizes a reference detector and focusing lens to eliminate errors from changes in the light source and from imperfections in the glass cuvette. This meter has 60 different programmed methods measuring 37 key water quality parameters and also offers an absorbance measurement mode for performance verification and for users that would like to develop their own concentration versus absorbance curves.


  • Backlit graphic display allows for easy viewing in low light conditions
  • The 128 x 64 Pixel LCD allows for a simplified user interface with virtual keys  and on-screen help to guide the user through use of the meter
  • The measurement is taken after the countdown timer expires.
  • Countdown timer ensures that all readings are taken at the appropriate reaction intervals regardless of user for better consistency in measurements
  • Measure pH and temperature with a single probe
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) to track calibration information including date, time, buffers used, offset and slope for traceability
  • pH CAL Check alerts user to potential problems during the calibration process
  • Space saving having a pH meter and photometer built into one meter
  • Hanna's exclusive CAL Check cuvettes for validation of light source and detector
  • Allows for the user to plot concentration versus absorbance for a specific wavelength for use with user supplied chemistry or for teaching principles of photometry
  • Up to 1000 photometric and pH readings can be stored by simply pressing the dedicated LOG button. Logged readings are just as easily recalled by pressing the RCL button
  • Sample ID and User ID information can be added to a logged reading using alphanumeric keypad
  • Indicates the amount of battery life left
  • Automatically convert readings to other chemical forms with the touch of a button


Product Details
Product NameHanna HI83300 Multiparameter Photometer & pH Meter
PriceRs. 255,000/-
Display Specification
Display128 x 64 pixel LCD with backlight
General Specification
Input Channels1 pH electrode input and 5 photometer wavelengths
Logging Typelog on demand with user name and sample ID optional input
pH AccuracyPhotometer: ±0.1 pH pH electrode: ±0.01 pH
pH CalibrationAutomatic one or two point calibration with one set of standard buffers available (4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01)
pH Electrodedigital pH electrode (not included)
pH MethodPhotometer: phenol red
pH RangePhotometer: 6.5 to 8.5 pH pH electrode: -2.00 to 16.00 pH
pH ResolutionPhotometer: 0.1 pH pH electrode: 0.1 pH
pH-mV Range±1000 mV
pH-mV Resolution0.1 mV
Weight1.0 kg
ConnectivityUSB-A host for flash drive; micro-USB-B for power and computer connectivity
Dimensions206 x 177 x 97 mm
Power Supply5 VDC USB 2.0 power adapter with USB-A to micro-USB-B cable (included)

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