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Hyundai HiBD-H 1P Miniature Circuit Breaker

Hyundai HiBD-H 1P Miniature Circuit Breaker  Price in Pakistan
Hyundai HiBD-H 1P Miniature Circuit Breaker

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HYUNDAI Miniature Series, as an integral part of Hyundai L/V & M/V circuit breakers and contactors, offer the complete solution against overload, short-circuit and earth leakage current as well as system monitoring, and can be applied to residential, commercial and industrial sectors. To satisfy clients requirements, HYUNDAI Miniature Series are focused on safety, ease of installation and user friendliness with high reliability qualified by international test authorities based on IEC standards. Hyundai miniature series are the perfect solution to protect electric overload, short circuit and earth leakage in the household and commercial installations. They provide various selection, easy installation, economic benefit and high reliability based on international standard IEC. 

Product Details
Product NameHyundai HiBD-H 1P Miniature Circuit Breaker
PriceRs. 1,050/-
Brand NameHyundai
AC Breaking Capacity10KA / 15KA
Number of PolesSingle Pole
General Specification
Ampere Rating6 , 10 , 16 , 20 , 25 , 32 , 40 , 50 , 63 Amps
SuitableSuitable for Din Rail Mounting
Tripping CurveC Type

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