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Hyundai UTL400 Mechanical Interlock Units

Hyundai UTL400 Mechanical Interlock Units price in Paksitan
Hyundai UTL400 Mechanical Interlock Units
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  • Model: HYUI-181
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Rs. 8,080/-


UMC magnetic contactor series employ a modular design which allows quick and simple mounting of auxiliary contact blocks, timers, mechanical latching blocks, etc.It provides convenience, economic benefit and high reliability.

Product Details
Product NameHyundai UTL400 Mechanical Interlock Units
PriceRs. 8,080/-
Brand NameHyundai
General Specification
categoryMC , CD
CompositionMoving contact: 3EA Fixed contact: 6EA
Contacts3 PCS Moving Contacts + 6 PCS Fixed Contacts
Suitablefor UMC300-800

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