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Kett Riceter FG506 Grain Moisture Tester

Kett Riceter FG506 Grain Moisture Tester price in Paksitan
Kett Riceter FG506 Grain Moisture Tester
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The Riceter F is the latest version of the best selling moisture meter in the world. Originally introduced over 50 years ago, the Riceter has been the standard for handheld moisture meters for three generations. The F model continues the tradition of providing laboratory quality moisture measurement in a compact handheld form factor. The F is a completely new design, providing even more durability with the same ease of use and accuracy synonymous with the Kett name. The Riceter runs on four "AA" batteries, and can be used anywhere, from the rice paddy to jungle to arid desert. Anywhere quality measurements are needed, the Riceter performs.

Accurate measurement is achieved without pre-processing the samples by husking and grinding that is often required in competitive devices. This dramatically reduces test time and measurement variability

Simple Operation - Research Grade Results:

To test a sample, simply fill the small sample tray with grain, insert the tray into the slot and twist the handle to crush the grain. The moisture value is displayed in only 3 seconds. Fast, accurate, portable moisture measurement means better control of your product quality

Outstanding Measurement Stability:

Measurements are made using electrical resistance which compares directly with the laboratory standard loss on drying (LOD) tests. The Riceter has no moving parts (except the buttons and the crank) and is impervious to vibration and independent of orientation of the instrument It is durably built to handle the harshest field or plant environment. This build quality, combined with the integrated automatic temperature compensation, allows the Riceter to be utilized anywhere, anytime, providing instant valuable feedback to your staff


Product Details
Product Name Kett Riceter FG506 Grain Moisture Tester
Price Rs.85,500/-
Display Specification
Display Product, Value, Average
Ambient Humidity 0-85% RH (non-condensing)
Ambient Temperature 0-35oC
Resolution 0.1%
Response Time 3 seconds/sample
Power Source 6 VDC - 4 AA Batteries
General Specification
Accuracy +/- 0.5%
Display Type Backlit LCD
Sample Volume Approximately xxml
Weight 0.45/2 kg
Dimensions 164(W) x 65(H) x 94(D) mm

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