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KYORITSU 4200 Earth Clamp Tester

KYORITSU 4200 Earth Clamp Tester price in Paksitan
KYORITSU 4200 Earth Clamp Tester
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  • Model: KYOU-03
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Rs. 247,000/-


  • The earth resistance from 0.05 to 1500Ω can be measured without the auxiliary earth spikes.
  • (The Multiple Earthing System.)
  • True RMS Accurate true RMS readings of AC current including distorted waveform from 1mA to 30.0A
  • Noise Check Function A function to detect current, which effects on an earth resistance measurement and display "NOISE" mark on the LCD.
  • Memory function Save and display up to 100 measurement data.
  • Data hold function / Buzzer function / Back light function
  • Compliant with Safety Standards of IEC 61010-1: CAT IV 300V Pollution degree.


KYORITSU 4200 Earth Clamp Tester

Product Details
Product NameKYORITSU 4200 Earth Clamp Tester
PriceRs. 175,000/-
Applicable standardsIEC 61010-1 CAT Ⅳ 300V Pollution degree2 IEC 61010-2-032, IEC 61326 (EMC)
Auto power offTurns power off about 10 minutes after the last button operation.
Conductor sizeApprox. Ø32mm
Earth resistance Auto range20.00/200.0/1500Ω ±1.5%±0.05Ω(0.00 - 20.99Ω)* ±2%±0.5Ω(16.0 - 99.9Ω) ±3%±2Ω(100.0 - 209.9Ω) ±5%±5Ω(160 - 399Ω) ±10%±10Ω(400 - 599Ω)
Included AccessoriesR6 x 4, Instruction manual 8304 (Resister for operation check) 9166 (Carrying case[Hard])
Measurement timeApprox.12 hours (when R6 is used) Approx.24 hours (when LR6 is used)
Operating indicationEarth resistance function : Constant voltage injection Current detection (Frequency : Approx.2400Hz) Dual Integration AC current function : Successive approximation
Optional Accessories7100A (Precision measurement cord set)
Overload protectionEarth Resistance: 280V AC for 10 seconds across 2 of the 3 terminals Earth Voltage: 300V AC for 1 minute
Safety StandardIEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V Pollution Degree 2, IEC 61557
Sample rateApprox. 1 times per second
AC Current(50Hz/60Hz) Auto range Values are displayed, but accuracy isn't guaranted(600 - 1580Ω) 100.0/1000mA/10.00/30.0A ±2%±0.7mA(0.0 - 104.9mA) ±2%(80mA - 31.5A)
AccuracyEarth Resistance: ±2%rdg±0.1Ω (20Ωrange) ±2%rdg±3dgt (200Ω/2000Ωrange) Earth Voltage: ±1%rdg±4dgt
WeightApprox. 780g (including batteries)
Current ConsumptionApprox. 50mA (max.100mA)
Response TimeApprox. 7 seconds (Earth resistance) Approx. 2 seconds (AC current)
Power SourceDC6V : R6(sizeAA manganese battery) x 4 or LR6 (sizeAA alkaline battery) x 4
Earth resistance resolutionEarth Resistance: 0 - 20Ω/0 - 200Ω/0 - 2000Ω Earth Voltage [50,60Hz]: 0 - 200V AC
Over range indication"OL"is displayed when input exceeds the upper limit of a measuring range
General Specification

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