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Kyoritsu KEW 5020 3 Channel AC Current/Voltage Data Logger

Kyoritsu KEW 5020 3 Channel AC Current/Voltage Data Logger price in Paksitan
Kyoritsu KEW 5020 3 Channel AC Current/Voltage Data Logger
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  • Model: KYOU-59
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Rs. 105,000/-


  • Power Quality analysis
  • Large capacity for storing 60,000 data points
  • Lowpass Filter will filter out the harmonics
  • LED flickers when the preset current/voltage value is exceeded
  • CALL: Confirmation of recorded data
  • Selection of One-time mode or Endless mode
  • Non Volatile Memory
  • Battery power indicator
  • The userfriendly PC software "KEW LOG Soft 2" is supplied
  • Continuous measuring time: Approx. 10 days (Alkaline Battery)

Insulation Level Monitoring by checking the leakage current:

  • Detect an intermittent leakage current as often this is unpredictable.
  • Check for nuisance tripping of an RCD/ELCB due to a leakage current. Check also if RCD is tripping at its rated tripping current.
  • Check for the presence of harmonics. Use 2 clamp sensors (one per channel) on same line and use the filter function on one clamp sensor. A difference in values between the 2 channels will indicate the presence of harmonics. In this way the source generating harmonics can be traced.

Monitoring the load current:

  • Confi rm the stability of a load (eg. motor) and the distortion it causes to the current by detecting accurately the over load caused for example by an inrush (starting) current and a surge current.
  • Check for phase imbalance (in a 3 phase system) 
  • Rate switchgear appropriately by measuring the peak current and the inrush current.
  • Analyze voltage drop due to starting current and thus compensate accordingly.

Monitoring voltage fluctuation (Power quality analysis):

  • Measure/ record the reference voltage, swell, dip, short interruption.
  • Locate the source of voltage drop caused by the operation of large motors in industrial applications.
  • Eg. In the event of a voltage drop at the load side:
  • 1. If current remains stable, then the source will be upstream with respect to the load.
  • 2. If the current increases, then the source will be down stream with respect to the load.
  • Check out on machine (eg. welding robot, heavy mechanical electric machine) downtime/stoppages caused by abnormal voltage fl uctuations.

Normal recording mode:

  • For monitoring power line status or an intermittent leakage.
  • Records the variation of the current / voltage in a given interval (For monitoring the variation of the current / voltage against time.)
  • A choice of 15 recording intervals are available: 1 sec. to 60 min. 
  • (1,2,5,10,15,20,30 sec, 1,2,5,10,15,20,30,60 min.)
  • The average of the measured value in every recording interval is recorded. The Max., Min. and Peak values (sampled crest value converted to sine RMS value) are recorded every 10 readings.

Trigger recording mode:

  • For observing an irregular operation of an ELCB/RCD, an irregular current / voltage.
  • Detects the value, time and frequency of the current / voltage when the preset value is exceeded.
  • When the detection level (i.e. preset value) is exceeded, 8 data points (True RMS values for approx. 0.8 sec) and peak value are recorded before and after the preset value is exceeded.
  • Inrush current or an abnormal current / voltage can be detected by sampling the inputs at every 1.6ms.
  • LED flickers when the measured values exceed the preset current / voltage value.

Capture recording mode:

  • For observing waveforms easily. 
  • Waveform display via a PC by sampling the inputs every 0.55ms.
  • When the preset current / voltage value is exceeded, instantaneous values are recorded for 200ms (from 10(50Hz) to 12 (60Hz) waveforms) before and after preset value is exceeded.
  • LED flickers when the measured values exceed the preset current / voltage value.

Power Quality Analysis mode:

  • For monitoring and observing voltage fluctuations.
  • Detects the reference voltage, Swell, Dip and Short Interruption. Records the values detected with the start time and end time.
  • Samples the inputs every 0.55ms and detects the voltage fl uctuation every 10ms.
  • LED fl ickers when the voltage fl uctuation is detected.

Three-channel data logger capable of measuring power quality including reference voltage, swell, dip and short power interruptions using four recording modes (normal, trigger, capture, and power quality analysis). Stores up to 60,000 measurements using one channel. .
The logger can be fixed to a metal distribution board via the magnet on it's read side.

Product Details
Product NameKyoritsu KEW 5020 3 Channel AC Current/Voltage Data Logger
PriceRs. 105,000/-
Operating SystemSuccessive Approximation (CH1 single synchronized sampling)
Display Specification
DisplayXGA (1024x768 dots) or more
Auto power offPower-off function operates automatically after a switch remains for 3min. (when recording is stopped)
Voltage range8309 (600V type) : 600.0V
General Specification
Measuring methodTrue RMS
Over-range indication"OL" mark is displayed when exceeding the measuring range
Sampling intervalNormal/Trigger mode : approx. 1.65ms/CH Capture mode : approx. 0.55ms (waveform: at every 1.1ms) P.Q.A mode : approx. 0.55ms

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