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Lutron CC-420 Current Calibrator

Lutron CC-420 Current Calibrator  Price in Pakistan
Lutron CC-420 Current Calibrator
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  • Brand: Lutron
  • Model: MTAM-281


  • Precision meter for calibrating process devices and measuring process signals.
  • Adjustable 0-24 mA source for calibrating current devices .
  • Calibrator drives loads to 500 ohms.
  • Power or Measure a two-wire current loop
  • Display resolution to 0.01 mA or 0.1 mA or 0.1%.
  • High accuracy 0.025%.
  • Oyster case with "flip-up" display is ideal for handheld or bench top applications .
  • Three modes provide the quality and accuracy of bench top calibrator : precision current source; measurement of a current signal: power and measurement of two wire transmitters. The large LCD can display readings in mA (to 0.01 mA) or as a percentage of the 0-24 mA range (4-20 mA = 0-100.0%).
  • Precision readings and rugged design of the unique Oyster series case makes this the ideal portable calibrator for process applications, manufacturing, product design, or laboratory facilities. when the lid is closed, the power is automatically shut off and the LCD is protected.


Product Details
Product NameLutron CC-420 Current Calibrator
PriceRs. 44,400/-
Resolution (Measure/Source):
Weight0 to 19.99mA : 0.01 mA 0 to 24.0 mA : 0.1 mA - 25 to 125% : 0.1%
General Specification
Measurement0 - 24 mA current signal or -25% to 125% (4 - 20mA or 0 to 100%)
PowerMeasurement: Provides power (12VDC ±2V) to the loop and measures current
Source Output 0 - 24 mA current for loads up to 500 ohms

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