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Lutron HT-3006HA Humidity & Temperature Meter

Lutron HT-3006HA Humidity & Temperature Meter price in Paksitan
Lutron HT-3006HA Humidity & Temperature Meter
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  • Model: LUTN-83
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  • Precision humidity sensor for humidity measurement high precision, fast response
  • Type K/J thermometer build in temperature linearity and precision cold junction compensation circuit, high accuracy
  • Super large LCD display, easy readout
  • Records Maximum and Minimum readings with recall
  • Auto shut off saves battery life
  • Data hold function for stored the desired value on display
  • Built-in low battery indicator
  • Wide range of humidity and temp. measurement
  • Separate humidity and temp. probe, easy operation and remote measurement
  • Show the humidity and temp. values on the LCD display at same time


Product Details
Product NameLutron HT-3006HA Humidity & Temperature Meter
PriceRs. 0/-
Display Specification
Display13 mm ( 0.5″ ) Super large LCD display. Dual function meter’s display.
Data holdBy push button
Sampling TimeApprox. 0.8 second.
CircuitCustom one-chip of micro- processor LSI circuit.
Weight345 g/0.76 LB, main instrument.
Operating HumidityMain instrument, Less than 90% R.H.
General Specification
Operating TemperatureMain instrument – 0 to 50 .℃ Humidity probe – 0 to 60 .℃
Power Supply006P DC 9V battery(heavy duty)
DimensionMain instrument: 185x78x38 mm (7.3×3.1×1.5 inch). Humidity Sensor Probe: 197 mm ( 7.8 inch ) in length.

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