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Lutron TC-920 Thermo Meter Calibrator For Type K

Lutron TC-920 Thermo Meter Calibrator For Type K price in Paksitan
Lutron TC-920 Thermo Meter Calibrator For Type K
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Rs. 150,000/-


  • 2 in 1, one meter included " type k thermometer " &" type k thermocouple calibrator ".
  • Precision calibrator for type k thermometer, calibrating
  • process devices and measuring process signals.
  • Wide range : -199 to 1230 ( -325 to 2246 ).
  • Microprocessor circuit assures high accuracy and provides special functions and features.
  • Build in temperature linearity compensation circuit, high precision.
  • Select & data hold function for the temperature measurement.
  •  & select by the front button for the temperature calibrator
  • Thermocouple sensor for Temp. measurement,response time.
  • RS 232 PC serial computer interface. ( Please ref. Carrying case, CA-03, CA-04.
  • Temp. measuring input to meet any standard type K page 9 ) Software, SW-U801-WIN.
  • ( NiCr-NiAl ) probe. RS232 cable, UPCB-01.
  • Fitted with standard type K input measuring socket. USB cable, USB-01.
  • Super large LCD display, easy reading.
  • Operates from 006P DC 9V battery.


Product Details
Product NameLutron TC-920 Thermo Meter Calibrator For Type K
PriceRs. 37,600/-
Display Specification
Display14.8 mm (0.58") digit size. Super large LCD display with annunciator.
Temperature Range-199 ถึง 1230ºC
Resolution0.1 oC ( <1000 oC ).
Sampling TimeApprox. 1 second
CircuitCustom one-chip of microprocessor LSI with thermocouple linearity correction circuit.
Size185 x 78 x 38 mm.
Data OutputRS 232 PC serial computer interface
Number of Channels2 Channels
Type of Calibrator and Thermometer-199 oC to 1230 oC, -325oF to 2246 oF.
General Specification
Polarity' - ' indicates negative polarity
Power Supply006P DC 9V
Dimension185 x 78 x 38 mm

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