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Mastech MS6300 Digital Multifunction Environment Meter

Mastech MS6300 Digital Multifunction Environment Meter price in Paksitan
Mastech MS6300 Digital Multifunction Environment Meter
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  • Model: MASH-40
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  • MS6300 = MS6700 + MS6252B + MS6612
  • Six functions: Temperature, humidity,sound level, illumination, wind speed, air flow
  • large LCD and back light
  • Temp: -10C~60C+-1.5C(14F~140F+-2.7F)
  • Humidity: 0%~100%RH +-3%RH(25)
  • This meter is a digital Multifunction Environment Meters meter which combined the function of Sound Level, luminometer, Relative Humidity Meter, Temperature Meter and anemometer. 
  • Six functions:Temperature, humidity,sound level, illumination, wind speed, air flow 
  • large LCD and back light 
  • Data hold 
  • auto change range 
  • MAX,MIN, AVG and DIF (MIN-MAX) value 
  • Low battery display 
  • Auto/manual power off 


  • The instrument is a digital multi-function environment testing instruments, including temperature, humidity, illumination, wind speed, air flow, sound level measurements of six functions.
  • The meter is a portable professional measuring instrument with large LCD digital display, and a backlight, user easy reading.
  • The instrument has a range of automatic functions and data hold function.
  • The meter has a measurement averages, maximum, minimum, maximum minus minimum additional features.
  • In use, the two groups-digit LCD display meter.
  • The instrument has an automatic shutdown and cancel the automatic shutdown.
  • Food, health, environmental protection industry is relatively high demands on the environment, real-time understanding and knowledge of environmental information and change is particularly important for the production. MS6300 Multifunction Environment tester uses high-precision chip design, with temperature, humidity, illumination, wind speed, air flow, sound level measurements of six, to the production provides a great convenience.

Technical parameters:

  • Temperature: -10 Celsius ~ 60 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit ~ +140 Fahrenheit) ± 1.5 Celsius (± 2.7 Fahrenheit)
  • Humidity: 0% ~ 100% RH ± 3% RH (25 Celsius pm)
  • Illumination: 0 ~ 2000Lux ± 5% (× 1), 2000 ~ 20000Lux ± 5% (× 10), 20000 ~ 50000Lux ± 5% (× 100)
  • Wind speed: 0.5 ~ 20 m / s (1.8 ~ 72 km / h, 1.6 ~ 65.7 ft / s, 0.9 ~ 38.9knots) ± 3%
  • Air volume: 0 ~ 999900 CMM (0 ~ 999900 CFM) ± 3%
  • Sound level: 30 ~ 130dB (A) ± 1.5dB 35 ~ 130dB (C) ± 1.5dB
  • Size: 280 Length Width X89 X50 high mm (includes sensor probe)
  • Weight: about 430g 

Product Details
Product NameMastech MS6300 Digital Multifunction Environment Meter
PriceRs. 20,500/-
Air Flow(CFM)Range: 0~999900CFM Resolution: 0.1CFM(<1000CFM), 1CFM(>1000CFM) Accuracy: ±(3.0%+10)
Air Flow(CMM)Range: 0~999900CMM Resolution: 0.1CMM(<1000CMM), 1CMM(>1000) Accuracy: ±(3.0%+10)
AnemometerRange: 0.4~20m/s, 1.4~72km/h, 1.3~65.7ft/s, 0.8~38.9knots Resolution: 0.1m/s 0.1km/s, 0.1ft/h, 0.1knots Accuracy: ±(3.0+10), ±(3.0%+10), ±(3.0%+10), ±(3.0%+10),
Light MeterRange: 0~50000LUX Resolution: 1LUX Accuracy: ±(5.0%+10)
HumidityRange: 20%~80%RH, <20% or> 80%RH Resolution: 0.1RH Accuracy: ±3.0%RH, ±5.0%RH
TemperatureRange: -10~60°C, 14~140°F Resolution: 0.1°c, 0.1°F Accuracy: ±1°c, ±2°F
Sound LevelRange: 30~130dB(A), 35~130dB Resolution: 0.1dB Accuracy: ±1.5dB
Dimensions ( W x D x H )280mmx89mmx50mm/11.0"x3.5"x2.0"
Power Supply1x9V 6f22 battery
CertificationCE RoHS

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