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Microsoft®VisualStudio®Professional 2016 Sngl OLP 1License NoLevel

Microsoft®VisualStudio®Professional 2016 Sngl OLP 1License NoLevel price in Paksitan
Microsoft®VisualStudio®Professional 2016 Sngl OLP 1License NoLevel
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Sign in across multiple accounts:

With Visual Studio 2016, the new streamlined sign-in experience is designed to greatly simplify your access to online resources, even when you have multiple Visual Studio accounts. After you sign-in to Visual Studio, you are automatically signed in to all instances of Visual Studio 2016 and Blend on your machine. Signing in automatically starts roaming your settings for you. 

Choose your target platform(s):

Visual Studio 2016 supports cross-platform mobile device development. You can write apps and games that target iOS, Android, and Windows and share a common code base, all from within the Visual Studio IDE. You’ll see all these new project types in the File, New Project dialog.

Cross-platform mobile apps in HTML/JavaScript with Apache Cordova:

Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova is the result of close collaboration between Microsoft and the open-source Apache Cordova community. The tools enable cross-platform mobile development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (or Typescript). You can target Android, iOS, and Windows with a single code base and enjoy the richness of the Visual Studio IDE including JavaScript IntelliSense, the DOM Explorer, JavaScript Console, breakpoints, watches, locals, Just My Code, and more.


ASP NET 5 is a major update to MVC, WebAPI and SignalR, and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. ASP.NET 5 has been designed from the ground up to provide you with a lean and composable .NET stack for building modern cloud-based apps. The Visual Studio 2016 tooling is more closely integrated with popular web development tools such as Bower and Grunt.

Classic desktop and Windows Store:

Visual Studio 2016 continues to support classic desktop and Windows Store development. As Windows evolves, Visual Studio will evolve along with it. In Visual Studio 2016, the libraries and languages for .NET as well as C++ have made significant advances that are applicable to all versions of Windows.

The NET Framework:

The Microsoft NET Framework 4.6 offers about 150 new APIs and 50 updated APIs to enable more scenarios. For example, more collections now implement IReadOnlyCollection<T> making them easier to use. In addition, ASP.NET 5, mentioned previously, offers a lean NET platform for building modern cloud-based apps.

Product Details
Product Name Microsoft®VisualStudio®Professional 2016 Sngl OLP 1License NoLevel
Price Rs. 77,280/-
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or later , Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 , Microsoft Windows Server 2012
General Specification
Min Hard Drive Space 3 GB
Model Standard 2016
Min RAM Size 1 GB

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