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Nokian N12 Power Factor Controller

Nokian N12 Power Factor Controller  Price in Pakistan
Nokian N12 Power Factor Controller  Price in Pakistan
Nokian N12 Power Factor Controller Price in Pakistan
Nokian N12 Power Factor Controller Price in Pakistan
Nokian N12 Power Factor Controller


Power Factor Controller:

  • Digital 12 steps with Alarms.
  • With Built-in Power Analyzer.
  • With Continuous Digital Power Factor & Capacitor Steps Display.
  • With Automatic serach of C/K values.
  • Automatic CT polarity adjustment and Automatic Phase Rotation polarity adjustment.

Measurement And Display:

  • Power Factor.
  • Connected Steps.
  • Switching Counter and duty cycles.
  • Current.
  • Voltage.
  • KVA.
  • KW.
  • KVAR.
  • Panel Temperature (built-in temperature probe).
  • Total Voltage Harmonic Distortion : THD (U).
  • Alarm voltage.


  • Backlighted alphanumeric LCD with graphical 160 symbols, for continuous display of Power Factor and Capacitor steps.
  • Power Factor display 0.00 ind. ... 1.00 ... 0.00 cap.
  • LCD display for alarm and ind/cap.
  • CT ratio settings and display : 25/5 ... 6000/5.
  • Target PF setting and display : 0.85 ind ... 1.00 ... 0.90 cap.
  • Setting and display of step sizes : 10 ... 1000 KVAR.
  • Setting and display of input volatge : 80 ... 460V.
  • Automatic search of C/K values. C/K setting and display 0.00 ... 1.99.
  • Easy to use menu-driven user interface.
  • Automatic Polarity adjustment of CT connections.
  • Automatic Polarity adjustment of Phase rotation.
  • Separate alarm relay with potential free terminal.
  • Following Alarms can be selected (enable/disable and status) low power factor, hunting, abnormal Cos, undervoltage, overcapactive, wrong frequency, overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature (for fan and system) and voltage harmonic distortion (THD).
  • All steps are released at voltage dropout.
  • Number of steps setting and display 1 ... 12.
  • Manual stepping setting and display.
  • Fixed stepping setting and display.
  • Plug in connection at rear side.
  • State of art microprocessor technology.
  • Suitable for LV and HV networks.
  • Allows Self-Configuration.

Optimized User Interface For Easy Operation:

Backlighted alphanumeric multisymbol LCD-display and ergonomic push buttons enable:

  • viewing of electrical information
  • easy browsing in the menus  
  • multilingual usage
  • alarm indications


  • intelligent stepping algorithm for optimum step utilization and fast response
  • all traditional stepping sequences also available

Simplified Installation And Set-Up:

  • quick and simple mounting and wiring
  • insensitive to current transformer polarity and phase rotation polarity
  • a special menu allows controller self-configuration

Monitoring And Protection:


  • should a disturbance occur on the network or in the capacitor bank, alarms are indicated on the screen and alarm contact closure is initiated
  • The alarm message is maintained on the screen once
  • The fault clears and until it is manually reset
  • Last five alarms are stored in alarm log


If necessary, the capacitor steps are automatically disconnected to protect the equipment.


Nokian N12 Power Factor Controller

Product Details
Product NameNokian N12 Power Factor Controller
PriceRs. 88,000/-
Ambient Temperature0 to 60 degree C.
Size144 x 144 x 60mm, Protection Class : IP41.
Supply VoltageMeasurement And Supply Voltage : 230V(+,-)15%, OR 400V(+,-)15%, OR 110V(+,-)15%.
General Specification
Alarm RelayN.O., Contact Ratings : 2.0A/400VAC.
Connectionwith or without Neutral Line. i.e. : LN=Phase to Neutral or LL=Phase to Phase.
Frequency50 or 60Hz (+,-) 2Hz, automatic selection.
Operation Sequenceuser selectable from menu. normal : 1:2: 4: 4; stack 1:1:1:1: circulating A : 1: 1: 1: 1; Circulating B : 1: 2: 2: 2: .
Output RelayN.O., Contact Ratings : 2.0A/400VAC.
Step Reconnection DelayAdjustable from 10... 600 secs.
TypePower Factor Controller with built-in Power Analyzer.

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