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Uni-T UTD2025CL Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Uni-T UTD2025CL Digital Storage Oscilloscope price in Paksitan
Uni-T UTD2025CL Digital Storage Oscilloscope
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  • Model: UNIT-07
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Rs. 71,300/-


  • Dual analogue channels width range 1mV/div~20V/div;
  • 7 inches widescreen LCD displays;
  • Special Print Screen Feature;
  • Supports plug-and-play USB storage device. Communication with and remote control of the computer through the USB device;
  • USB drive system software upgrade;
  • Storage of waveforms setups and interfaces waveforms and setups reproduction;
  • Automatic measurement of 28 waveform parameters;
  • Unique waveform recording and replay function;
  • Multilingual menu displays.



Uni-T UTD2025CL Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Product Details
Product NameUni-T UTD2025CL Digital Storage Oscilloscope
PriceRs. 29,000/-
Display Specification
Display7 Inches 64K Color TFT LCD, 400×240
Sample rate250MS/s
General Specification
InterfacesUSB OTG,Pass/Fail
Power100-240VAC, 40-440Hz
weight2.2 kg
Dimension306mm ×147mm × 122mm

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