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Hyundai N300-075LF Inverter 7.5KW / 10HP

Hyundai N300-075LF Inverter 7.5KW / 10HP  Price in Pakistan
Hyundai N300-075LF Inverter 7.5KW / 10HP


  • High starting torque 0f 200% at 0.5Hz
  • High torque of 150% at approximately 0 Hz when applied to a smaller motor by one frame size
  • Inverter motor is not necessary
  • Using sensorless vector control
  • More stable and precise operation is possible at low speed range
  • Auto-tuning to perform sensorless vector control can now be easily done both on-line and off-line
  • Devicenet, Profibus(option)
  • The cooling fan operates while the inverter is running, and stops when the inverters stops
  • Helps simplify the system and save initial cost due to unnecessity of PI controller
  • Decelerates and stops the motor using regenerative energy from the motor even though the power is not supplied
  • Provides stable control for carrier or trolley operation
  • Programmed for user to select the functions only which he wants


Hyundai N300-075LF Inverter 7.5KW / 10HP

Product Details
Product NameHyundai N300-075LF Inverter 7.5KW / 10HP
PriceRs. 185,600/-
Motor Capacity7.5 KW
Frequency AccuracyDigital ±0.01% of maximum frequency, Analog ±0.2%(25℃±10℃)
Frequency ResolutionDigital setting "0.01Hz, Analog setting "Maximum frequency/4000(O terminal:12bit/0~+10V, 02 terminal :12bit/-10~+10V)
Rated Input Voltage11 kVA
Rated Output Capacity4.2 kVA
Rated Output Current16 A
Rated Output Voltage3-phase 380~480V(±10%) 50Hz/60Hz (According to supply voltage)
General Specification

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