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LS SV110IV5-4DB 220/460V, 11KW 3 phase Inverters

LS SV110IV5-4DB 220/460V, 11KW 3 phase Inverters  Price in Pakistan
LS SV110IV5-4DB 220/460V, 11KW 3 phase Inverters
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  • Brand: LS
  • Model: INLG-29


  •  Ultimate performance solution for System Drive 
  • Advanced Speed & Torque control (200% instantaneous torque: Max. 250%)
  •  Precious Speed & Position synchronization operation 
  • Static motor parameter Auto-tuning 
  • Draw / Droop / Process PID control 
  • Highly precious control through optional Sincos Encoder 
  • Synchronous motor sensorless control (SPM & IPM motors) 
  • Specialized functions for various applications Load balance function Diameter calculation / Taper function Splicing / Inertia compensation function Quick stop function 
  • Built-in Dynamic braking transistor (2.2~22kW[3~30HP]) 
  • User-friendly LCD keypad (Detachable) 
  • Plug-in type control terminals 
  • Extension I/O boards (Optional): EL I/O (for Elevator application) Encoder division (open collector) Synchronization option (Speed/Position control) Sincos encorder 
  • Communication boards (Optional) RS485(LS Bus / Modbus RTU) Profibus-DP DeviceNet 
  • Monitoring & commissioning PC based software tool (Drive View)

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Product NameLS SV110IV5-4DB 220/460V, 11KW 3 phase Inverters
PriceRs. 188,680/-

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