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Uni-T LM120D PRO Laser Distance Meter

Uni-T LM120D PRO Laser Distance Meter price in Paksitan
Uni-T LM120D PRO Laser Distance Meter
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  • Model: UNIT-254
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Rs. 15,520/-


Air conditioning meter. In conned spaces an indoor air quality meter is used to prevent molds, track CO2 levels or detect gas leaks. Some air quality meter devices feature an autocalibration function which allows easy gas detector calibration.


  • Ergonomic exterior, comfortable handling, millimeter accuracy
  • Large, HD and rotatable display
  • Auto voice and audio indication; USB data transmission
  • Bluetooth function, auto measurement via phone App; directly display data in 2D image
  • Curvature measurement, test curve length via the roller
  • Auto power off after 3 minutes without operation
  • One button to enable line laser marking
  • Convenient angle measurement via electronic leveling
  • IP65, dust and water proof

Product Details
Product NameUni-T LM120D PRO Laser Distance Meter
PriceRs. 1,2000/-
Measuring range120m
Measuring Unitft, in, m
General Specification
Measuring resolution0,001m

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