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UNI-T UT216A 600A Digital Clamp Meter

UNI-T UT216A 600A Digital Clamp Meter price in Paksitan
UNI-T UT216A 600A Digital Clamp Meter
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UT216 series digital clamp meters are designed for measuring high frequency currents (up to 400Hz) in railways and aerospace, server rooms, IT systems, etc. Its double injection design gives users a more comfortable grip and enhanced durability.
UT216’s 6000 count display also provides more precise readings for users.


  • True RMS
  • Auto range, 3 times/s sampling rate
  • MAX/MIN/Relative modes
  • Flashlight
  • NCV, non-contact AC voltage testing


Product Details
Product Name UNI-T UT216A 600A Digital Clamp Meter
Price Rs. 5,500/-
Display Specification
Display 38mm x 24mm
DC Voltage 1000V
AC Voltage 750V
Capacitance 60mF
Resistance 60MΩ
AC Current 600A
General Specification
Diode Around 3.0V
Display count 6000
Power 1.5V battery (R03) x 3
Weight 280g

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