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AFLEX 3005 Flexible Power Quality Tester

AFLEX 3005 Flexible Power Quality Tester price in Paksitan
AFLEX 3005 Flexible Power Quality Tester
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  • Model: WTES-02
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Rs. 62,000/-


  • AC current and voltage (True RMS): 3000A, 600V.
  • AC watt up to 9999KW.
  • True RMS measurement of V with 0.5% basic accuracy.
  • True RMS measurement of A with 1% of scale accuracy.
  • 1 to 50th order of harmonics at 2.0% basic accuracy.
  • Total harmonic distortion (%THD-F) and crest factor (CF).
  • Active (W, KW, HP), reactive (VAR, KVAR) and apparent (VA, KVA) power.
  • Power factor (PF), phase angle (Φ), and energy (WH, KWH).
  • Measurement of balanced 3Φ power and sequence.
  • Fast peak function (39μs for 50 Hz, 33μs for 60Hz).
  • Programmable CT ratio from 1 to 250.
  • Max, Min and Data Hold functions.
  • Auto power off function in 30 minutes.
  • Work with PC via USB interface.
  • Data logging memory size: 8000 records


Product Details
Product NameAFLEX 3005 Flexible Power Quality Tester
PriceRs. 62,000/-
Display Specification
Display4+4 digits LCD
Altitudeup to 2000M
Power Consumption10mA
General Specification
Battery Typewo 1.5V SUM-3
Cable Diameter14mm
Connector Diameter23mm
Operating Temperature5°C to 50°C
Probe Length24 in / 610 mm
Dimension130mm(L) x 80mm(W)x 43mm(H)

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