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Autonics BF-4R Fiber Optic Sensor

Autonics BF-4R Fiber Optic Sensor price in Paksitan
Autonics BF-4R Fiber Optic Sensor
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  • Model: AUTS-186
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The BF4 series fiber optic amplifiers feature high-speed response times and various functions to provide reliable detection of small or fast moving targets. The units feature convenience functions such as auto-sensitivity adjustment and advanced features including mutual interference prevention and self-diagnosis function. The amplifiers can be used together with fiber optic cables from Autonics for optimal performance.

BF4R, a high performance fiber optic amplifier, features a compact structure designed to fit into narrow spaces. This fiber optic amplifier has fast response speed of under 0.5ms, and can be compactly mounted. Also, external synchronization input function, mutual interference protection and self-diagnosis function enhance user experience.


  • Standard type/external synchronization type/remote sensitivity setting type
  • Auto sensitivity adjustment/remote sensitivity adjustment
  • Mutual interference prevention function, self-diagnosis function
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit, output short-circuit (overcurrent) protection circuit
  • Auto Light ON/Dark ON mode switching
  • High speed response : Max. 0.5ms
  • Auto sensitivity setting(Button setting)/Remote sensitivity setting
  • External synchronization input, mutual interference protection, self-diagnosis
  • Reverse power polarity and short-circuit(Overcurrent) protection circuit
  • Timer function : Selectable None / 40ms OFF Delay timer(fixed) (standard type, remote sensitivity setting type only)
  • Automatically selectable Light ON / Dark ON
  • Precise detection of small target and easy to install in the complicated place


Product Details
Product Name Autonics BF-4R Fiber Optic Sensor
Price Rs. 13,600/-
Response Time Less than 0.5ms
Light Source Color : Red
Output Operation Light-ON/Dark-ON selector
Sensing Output NPN Transistor - open collector
Sensitivity Setting Automatic setting by Auto Tuning type
Timer Function Selectable; OFF Delay Timer 40ms fixed
General Specification
Current Sink Current: Max 100mA Max. 30VDC With short circuit protection
Power source 12 to 24VDC ± 10%
Self Diagnostic output NPN Transistor open collector 50mA 30VDC Max.
Stable Operation Indicator Red LED (illuminates when output is ON state) Stable operation indicator: Green LED illuminates
Type Fiber Optic Sensor

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