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Autonics BJ15M-TDT Photoelectric Sensor

Autonics BJ15M-TDT Photoelectric Sensor  Price in Pakistan
Autonics BJ15M-TDT Photoelectric Sensor
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  • Brand: Autonics
  • Model: ICTS-45


The BJ series compact photoelectric sensors feature high performance and excellent noise immunity for accurate and reliable presence detection. Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch and sensitivity adjusters are available for easy configuration and set up (except BJG-DDT). The sensors are available in various types and options, making it ideal for diverse applications. The BJ series is available in long-distance type, BGS (background suppression) reflective type, transparent glass sensing type, and micro spot types, and the sensors are available in cable types and connector types (long-distance type models).


  • Compact size : W10.6×H32×L20mm
  • Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch (except BJG30-DDT)
  • Sensitivity adjuster (except BJG30-DDT)
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit and output overcurrent (short-circuit) protection circuit
  • Mutual interference prevention function (except BGS reflective type)
  • Excellent noise immunity and minimal influence from ambient light
  • IP65 protection structure (IEC standard)/IP67 for BJ-C connector types

Long Distance Type:

  • High-performance lens with long sensing distance
  • Through-beam type: 15m
  • Diffuse reflective type: 1m
  • Polarized retroreflective type : 3m (MS-2A)
  • M.S.R. (Mirror Surface Rejection) function (polarized retroreflective type) for detecting mirrors or highly reflective targets
  • Mutual interference prevention function (except through-beam type)

BGS Reflective Type:

  • BGS (background suppression) minimizes detection errors from background objects and the colour or material of target objects. Also, the detecting distance can be configured with the sensitivity adjuster.
  • Visible light source allows users to identify the sensing area, and the tiny spot size minimizes influence from surrounding objects
  • Transparent Glass Sensing Type/Micro Spot Type:
  • Stable detection of transparent targets (LCD, PDP, glass etc.) (transparent glass sensing types)
  • Check sensing area with visible micro spot (micro spot types)
  • Detect tiny objects (minimum target size: Ø0.2mm copper wire)


Product Details
Product NameAutonics BJ15M-TDT Photoelectric Sensor
PriceRs. 14,450/-
Insulation ResistanceMax.20MΩ(at 500VDC megger)
Current ConsumptionEmitter/Receiver: Max. 20mA
Response TimeMax. 1ms
WeightApprox. 90g,
IndicatorsOperation: Red, Stable: Green(Emltter’s power indicator: Green)
Light SourceInfrared LED (850nm)
MaterialsCase: PC+ABS, LED Cap: PC, Sensing part: PMMA
ProtectionBJ - IP65(IEC standard), BJ-C - IP67(at non-dew status)
Power Supply12-24VDC±10%(Ripple P-P: Max. 10%)
Physical & Electrical
Shock500m/s2 (approx. 50G) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 3 times
Control outputNPN or PNP open collector output • Load voltage: Max. 26.4VDC • Load current: Max. 100mA • Residual voltage - NPN: Max. 1V, PNP: Max. 2.5V
Environment Ambient Humidity35 to 85%RH, storage: 35 to 85%RH
Noise Resistance±240V the square wave noise(pulse width:1㎲) by the noise simulator
Sensing Distance15m
General Specification
Environment Ambient Temperature-25 to 55℃, storage: -40 to 70℃
Operation ModeLight on/Dark on selectable by VR
Sensitivity AdjustmentBuilt-In the adjustment VR
TypePhoto Electric Sensor

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