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Bushnell 101921 Distance Meter

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Bushnell 101921 Distance Meter
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The Bushnell Speedster III Radar Gun is the perfect tool for tracking speed. Developed with years of research and experience at Bushnell, and available exclusively through Optics Planet, the Speedster 3 gives athletes, coaches, trainers, hobbyists and more a cost-effective tool for monitoring performance. With a range of 1,500 feet and an accuracy of +/- 1 MPH, the Speedster III is ready to record speeds from 10 to 200 MPH at any track, arena or stadium. And with its RF (radio frequency) technology, users can broadcast recorded speeds in real time to the Bushnell Speed Screen Display (sold separately), making it that much easier to track performance.
Whether you're tracking professional race cars down the stretch or pitch speeds for your kid's baseball team, the Bushnell Speedster III Multi-Sport Radar Gun is the ultimate in sports and hobby performance tracking. Start improving your performance today with the help of the Bushnell Speedster 3.


  • Easy-to-use point & shoot radar gun
  • Tripod mountable
  • Measures speeds from 10 to 200 mph
  • Provides +/- 1 MPH accuracy instantaneously
  • Continuous mode for automatic readings
  • Displays fastest speed once trigger is released
  • Ranges 90 ft to a ball, 1,500 feet to a car
  • Accurate digital speed reading using DSP (digital speed processing)
  • RF technology transmits wireless data for display on the optional Bushnell Speed Screen
  • Textured pistol grip
  • Great for sports and hobbies: baseball, softball, RC cars, tennis, and more

Product Details
Product NameBushnell 101921 Distance Meter
PriceRs. 0/-
General Specification
Accuracy+/- 1 mph (+/- 2 kph)
Auto racing10-200 MPH up to 1500 ft away
OperationPoint and shoot - Has continuous read feature
Range10-110 mph up to 90 ft away

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