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DSE8610 MKII Synchronising & Load Sharing Auto Start Control Module

DSE8610 MKII Synchronising & Load Sharing Auto Start Control Module price in Paksitan
DSE8610 MKII Synchronising & Load Sharing Auto Start Control Module
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  • Model: DEES-01
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The DSE8610 MKII represents the latest in complex load sharing & synchronising control technology. Designed to handle the most complex grid type generator applications the DSE8610 MKII control module is packed with multiple features and benefits that are unrivalled across the generator control industry.


  • Refer to product data sheet for complete list of integrated features.
  • Extended PLC function types.
  • Redundant MSC.
  • Type 1 fully flexible inputs.
  • Two RS485 ports.
  • Three CAN ports.
  • 32-set synchronisation.
  • Configurable inputs/outputs (12/8).
  • Dead bus sensing.
  • Remote communications (RS232, RS485, Ethernet).
  • Direct governor control.
  • kW & kV Ar load sharing.
  • Configurable event log (250).
  • Load switching, load shedding & dummy load outputs.
  • Power monitoring (kW h, kVAr, kv Ah, kV Ar h), reverse power protection, kW overload protection.
  • Data logging (USB Memory Stick).
  • DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.
  • Tier 4F Stage V CAN engine support.
  • Sophisticated emission control with DPF regeneration & soot capture.
  • Separate ramp up and ramp down rates configurable via PLC.
  • In-built SNMP.
  • Battery charger support across DSENet®.
  • Configurable CAN transmit and receive.
  • Sophisticated data logging.
  • Support for 0 V to 20 V and 4 mA to 20 mA sensors.
  • Can be used as a rear mounted solution using a DSE rear mount panel bracket.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides ultimate flexibility for complex grid type generator installations.
  • Allows two MSC links to be connected between multiple DSE86xx MKII control modules.
  • Flexible for configuration as voltage, current or resistive.
  • Aids communication with electronic engines and building management systems.
  • Ultimate CAN flexibility. Connect to DSENet devices, communicate with electronic engines and maintain a redundant MSC link.
  • Offers optimum flexibility for system expansion.
  • Provides multiple installation options.
  • Provides rapid power delivery on multi-set systems.
  • Provides secure and simple off site monitoring. All ports are continuously active.
  • Eliminates the requirement for external control equipment.
  • Provides controlled power delivery.
  • Provides access to historical alarms and operational status.
  • Allows load options and dummy load requirements to be independently controlled.
  • Provides clear accurate power measurement information.
  • Provides current and historical status information.
  • Provides complete user-friendly configuration and easy-to-use high-level system control & monitoring.
  • Ensures the control module can be used with the latest in modern electronic engine technology.
  • When soot loading in the filters reaches a set limit the control module can control the regeneration to lower soot levels in the DPF.
  • Enables different values to be configured.
  • Provides additional flexibility.
  • Provides detailed site data for detailed analysis.
  • On-board analogue input supports 3rd party equipment as standard.
  • Gives flexibility to use the product in the front or rear of a panel.

Built-In Governor Control:

  • Minimum Load Impedance : 1000Ω Fully isolated
  • Gain Voltage : 0 V to 10 V DC Fully isolated
  • Offset Voltage : +/- 10 V DC Fully isolated

Built-In Avr Control:

  • Minimum Load Impedance : 1000Ω Fully isolated
  • Gain Voltage : 0 V to 10 V DC Fully isolated
  • Offset Voltage : +/- 10 V DC Fully isolated


Product Details
Product NameDSE8610 MKII Synchronising & Load Sharing Auto Start Control Module
PriceRs. 396,000/-
DC VoltageContinuous Voltage Rating : 8 V to 35 V continuous
Voltage range15 V to 415 V AC (Ph to N) | 25 V to 719 V AC (Ph to Ph)
Magnetic Pick-Up Voltage Range+/- 0.5 V to 70 V
General Specification
Cranking DropoutsAble to survive 0 V for 50 mS, providing supply was at least 10 V before dropout and supply recovers to 5 V. This is achieved without the need for internal batteries
Excitation RangeCharge Fail : 0 V to 35 V
Frequency Range3.5 Hz to 75 Hz | 10,000 Hz (max)
OutputsOutput A (Fuel) : 15 A DC at supply voltage | Output B (Start) : 15 A DC at supply voltage | Outputs C & D : 8 A AC at 250 V AC (Volt free) | Auxiliary Outputs E,F,G,H,I & J : 2 A DC at supply voltage
Standby CurrentMax : 375 mA at 12 V, 200 mA at 24 V
Operating CurrentMax : 460 mA at 12 V, 245 mA at 24 V

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