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DT-125G Moisture Meter

DT-125G Moisture Meter  Price in Pakistan
DT-125G Moisture Meter


The CEM DT-125G moisture meter is a pin-style moisture meter that is capable of measuring moisture both in wood and other building materials. Adjustments for various species of wood are possible using the table included in the manual.
This meter is relatively intuitive to use and comfortable to hold, but its bar graph display makes it more cumbersome for obtaining readings, especially given that it lacks a data HOLD function.


  • Ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold
  • Pins not subject to breaking or bending
  • Relatively intuitive to use; little use of manual required
  • Not very accurate; significantly underreports MC of wood
  • Unable to obtain readings below 8% MC
  • Bar graph display is slower to read; especially with no HOLD function

Product Details
Product NameDT-125G Moisture Meter
PriceRs. 38,000/-
General Specification
Measuring rangesWood: 1..75% / +-1..4% Building materials: 0,1..2,4% / +-0,5% Air temperature: -40..70°C / +-1°C Air humidity: 0..100% / +-3,5%

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