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elcontrol Energy Studio Manager (ESM) Professional

elcontrol Energy Studio Manager (ESM) Professional price in Paksitan
elcontrol Energy Studio Manager (ESM) Professional
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ENERGY STUDIO MANAGER is the professional solution for the management of a network of El control energy analyzers.

Basic Kit:

Monitor, E.S.M.’s runtime application, allows polling, visualization, and saving to a database of selectable data from any analyzer of a network of up to 247 instruments.  Moreover, at any moment its functions can be further expanded by installing additional modules. Analysis, is E.S.M.’s Data Management application, allowing complete post-processing of the data collected by Monitor. The analysis allows graphical and numerical analysis and reporting of all stored energy and power data. The analysis includes an innovative, fully configurable tariff-band/cost management system, providing accurate cost analysis and reporting of energy consumptions.

Installable Modules:

Alarms&Graphics: adds full alarm functions on any selected parameter (max/min thresholds with settable hysteresis) and real-time/historical graphics of selected parameters. The Alarm&Graphics module is ideal for real-time management and supervision of your installation.
GSM Commander: when the highest degree of control is required, the GSM Commander module adds GSM capability to Energy Studio Manager. Alarms and commands can be completely managed by SMS or E-Mail via a GSM-Modem.


  • user-friendly and intuitive setup-environment for the monitoring network
  • Simply set up one or more communication channels, as for example the serial communication port, and start adding instruments.
  • Each instrument can be assigned to its communication channel and freely named.
  • RS232/RS485 serial communication and Modbus TCP/IP (Ethernet) communication.
  • user can decide which measurement parameters shall be displayed and/or stored to database. Once setup is completed, data acquisition can be started. E.S.M. automatically handles polling and data-synchronization/storage to hard disk.
  • Up to 9 selectable measurements can be displayed as real-time graphs. The measurement/instrument to be displayed can be selected at any moment by the user.
  • Any measure can be associated to an alarm by setting an upper and/or lower threshold and optionally a hysteresis band. Alarms are signalled on Monitor’s screen and handled following ISO rules.

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Product Nameelcontrol Energy Studio Manager (ESM) Professional
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General Specification
ForVIP Energy, Star3, Star3 DIN.

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