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elcontrol Jupiter Power Quality Analyzer

elcontrol Jupiter Power Quality Analyzer price in Paksitan
elcontrol Jupiter Power Quality Analyzer
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  • Model: ELCL-11
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Rs. 5,400,000/-


ELCONTROL ENERGY NET, leader-company in the field of measurement and control of electrical parameters, has expanded its range of portable analyser range with JUPITER, a high-performance Power Quality Analyser. Further to measurement of all traditional electrical parameters, JUPITER is capable of analysing the major phenomena characterizing Power Quality: interruptions, voltage variations (dips & swells), harmonic and interharmonic distortion, transients and 3-phase voltage unbalance. Furthermore, JUPITER is also capable of verifying the compliance of the power supplied by the system with the limits set by the EN 50160 standard. The measurement methods are compliant to the EN 61000-4-30 standard. The colour LCD display allows visualization of data-tables, real-time waveforms of the measured signals, voltage and current transients, vector diagrams and bar-graph display of the harmonic spectrum, while the alphanumeric keyboard makes it easy and user-friendly. With Jupiter it is possible to perform particularly detailed measurement surveys, saving the data on a COMPACT FLASH memory. The stored data can be successively analysed on a Personal Computer using the included PQ Studio software. A full set of accessories make this a truly complete system: 3 flexible Rogowski-coil current transducers (without external amplifier/battery), 6 voltage measurement cables with crocodile clips, 10 rechargeable batteries (Jupiter is equipped with an internal battery charger), external desktop power supply, Compact Flash, Analysis software PQ Studio, shock-resistant IP64 carrying case. The long operational life-time of JUPITER is guaranteed by its open-source Operative System, continuously updated and made available to the users by Elcontrol's development team upon any modification of the Power Quality Standards (files are downloadable to the Compact Flash from the Internet).


  • With Harmonics and Transients measurements
  • Supplied with 1000A CT Clamps.
  • Self-extinguishing ABS case with rubber-coated grips.
  • 320x240 pixel, colour, graphic LCD screen (mm. 115.2 X 89.3)
  • 3 voltage inputs: double scale 500/1000Vrms; accuracy ±0.2% ±0.05% f.s.
  • Maximum input voltage: 600V CAT III.
  • 3 current inputs for exchangeable flexible current transducers without external
  • amplifiers (1000Arms), or CT clamps (1000A/1Vac or 3000A/1Vac); accuracy ±0.2%
  • ±0.05%f.s. (± Current Transducer error).
  • 1 auxiliary channel for clamps with 0-1Vac output; accuracy ±0.2% ±0.05%f.s. 
  • (±clamp error).
  • Transients (maximum Vpk 1400V) with duration over 500us.
  • Fundamental Frequency Range: from 40 to 80 Hz.
  • Harmonics ed Interharmonics up to the 31st order, max 80Hz.
  • Alphanumerical rubber-keyboard.
  • SCOPE function (Oscilloscope) for the visualization of waveforms and transients
  • (single or recurrent events). Vector-diagram visualization of voltage and
  • current phase-sequence.
  • Graphical visualization of voltage and current harmonics.
  • Measurement display (full 3-phase analysis: V, A, VA, W, VAr, P.F., Hz, KWh, KVAr,
  • Cog, KVAh, THD%, etc)
  • voltage variations, voltage dips, phase-to-phase voltage swells, short and long
  • interruptions, supply voltage unbalance, harmonics).
  • Event memorization (samples memorization, memorization of the processed data).
  • Removable 512 MByte Compact Flash (supports up to 2 GByte Compact Flash).
  • Mains or battery powered operation (2 compartments, 5 AA rechargeable NiMH
  • 2000A\h batteries each). Languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish.
  • Compatible with Power Quality Standards IEC 61000-4-30; IEC 61000-2-8; EN
  • 61000-4-15; EN 61000-4-7; EN 50160 ; EN 60868; EN 60868-0.
  • LINUX Operative System.
  • Software updatable/upgradable by the user via the Internet.


Product Details
Product Nameelcontrol Jupiter Power Quality Analyzer
PriceRs. 1,600,000/-
Display Specification
Brightness200 cd/m2 adjustable brightness/contrast
Display5.7’’ 320x240 graphic colour LCD (115.2 X 86.4 mm)
Ambient TemperatureRange : from - 10C to + 50C
Safety StandardSAFETY EN 61010-1 Safety for electrical equipment for measurement EMC EN61326; EN61326/A1/A2/A3 Electromagnetic compatibility for electrical equipment for measurement.
AccuracyClass 1.0.
Input Current1 Volt from 20 to 600 Hz.
Number of Sclaes3 Voltage scales and 3 Current scales.
General Specification
Input Voltage (L-L) max 600 Vrms from 20 to 600 Hz.

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