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elcontrol MICROVIP 3 Plus Energy and Harmonic Portable Analyzer

elcontrol MICROVIP 3 Plus Energy and Harmonic Portable Analyzer price in Paksitan
elcontrol MICROVIP 3 Plus Energy and Harmonic Portable Analyzer
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  • Model: ELCL-08
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Rs. 2,825,000/-


The MICROVIP3 PLUS is intended for use by electrical power users who need to obtain an in-depth knowledge of their plants and systems. It is also extremely useful for plant engineers, installers, maintenance engineers and electricians in fault diagnosis and in the adjustment and repair of active electrical plant. The crisp high-contrast backlit LCD displays True-RMS values for up to 33 parameters, while the large 1MB on-board memory allows data storage over extended survey periods including waveform capture for current and voltage. The on-board, programmable 42 columns graphic printer adds visualization of the additional 156 parameters of data including V & I harmonics to 24 order with both DC component and displacement factor, and waveform/harmonic bar chart printout with manual or time-based printout. The integrated high-speed RS232 serial port and the included PC software MICROWIN and future power to Microvip3Plus, allowing full graphical display and analysis of all measurement data, both with real-time connection or by downloading the internal memory. Clear, graphical reports have never been easier to produce!


  • Energy and Harmonics Portable Analyzer
  • For Single phase and balanced & unbalanced 3 phase systems
  • With 3 pcs CT Clamp 1000A
  • With following accessories
  • Microwin Software
  • PC Connection Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • Control loads and consumption;
  • Reduce overloads and power loss;
  • Check on the correct sizing of new plant entering service;
  • Prevent overheating and insulation problems;
  • Solve power factor correction problems.
  • Identify and eliminate load peaks and associated power problems.
  • Check 400 Hz naval plant and 600 Hz aeronautical plant;
  • Check uninterruptible power supplies with AC inputs and DC Outputs


Product Details
Product Nameelcontrol MICROVIP 3 Plus Energy and Harmonic Portable Analyzer
PriceRs. 840,000/-
ConsumptionInstrument consumption: 4VA
Ambient TemperatureRange: from -100C to +500C
Safety Standard reference standards: IEC 348, VIDE 411 class 2, for operating voltages: £ 650 VAC rms, I EC 1010-1, EN 61010-1, 60OV
Input Voltmeter: (L1 -N, L2 - N, L3 -N) max 750 Vrms fr. 20 to 600 Hz, Ammeter: 1 Volt from 20 to 600 Hz.
Power SupplyMains: 100 - 120V / 200 - 240V ± 10%
Number of Sclaes3 voltage scales; 3 current scales.
General Specification
DimensionsInstruments : 251 x 239 x 104 mm. Instrument weight: 2,9 Kg. Kit weight: 6,3 kg

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