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elcontrol Star3 DIN Digital Energy & Harmonic Analyzer

elcontrol Star3 DIN Digital Energy & Harmonic Analyzer price in Paksitan
elcontrol Star3 DIN Digital Energy & Harmonic Analyzer
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  • Model: ELCL-04
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Rs. 445,000/-


  • STAR3 Din It is a reliable, professional and low cost solution for electrical panels, sub metering systems and OEM applications.
  • Its high quality panel energy analyser provides brillant features at a competitive price. The bright LCD display, the harmonic analysis, the wide set of measured parameters including the TDH (available in all the models), the multi-protocol capability of the RS485 port and the high accuracy class 0.5% allow to consider STAR3 din a very convineint option for panel analyzers.
  • The included harmonic analysis allows a permanent based control of one of the most important aspects of power supply quality. Such important possibility is normally reserved to high-prices devices.


  • Digital Energy ad Harmonics Analyzer 9 DIN modules.
  • True RMS measures
  • Display 65 measures (215 measures for model with harmonic analysis)
  • Measures unbalanced three phase systems with or without neutral, bi-phase, single- phase.
  • High accuracy : Voltage, Current and Power error <0.5%.
  • High resolution graphic LCD display.
  • Cogeneration Counters (Imported / Exported Energy).
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) factor per phase.
  • Rs485 communication port included in all models.
  • Multi-protocol instrument: Modbus BCD, IEEE and ASCII.
  • Easy and extremely flexible SETUP menu including CT and VT ratios selection.
  • Password protection for setup and resets.
  • Model with three phase Harmonic Analysis up to the 25th order and 215 measures.
  • Alarm / Pulse / Remote-controlled output.


elcontrol Star3 DIN Digital Energy & Harmonic Analyzer

Product Details
Product Nameelcontrol Star3 DIN Digital Energy & Harmonic Analyzer
PriceRs. 132,000/-
Display Specification
DisplayDot matrix LCD display
Accuracy<0.5% for V I and Power
HumidityMax 80%
Input Voltage250Vac phase-neutral; 450Vac phase-neutral
CommunicationRS485 communications, Modbus RTU (BCD and IEEE) and Modbus ASCII
IP RatingDevice IP20; front panel IP60
Main Supply230 V ~ or 115 V ~ + 15% -20% @ from 50/60 Hz
Working temperaturefrom -10 to +50 ° C
General Specification
Wire connectionsRemovable terminals with retaining screws
DimensionsInstrument : 157.5 x 58 x 90. (9 din modules)

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