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Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter

Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter price in Paksitan
Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter
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  • Model: FLUE-87
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Rs. 560,000/-


The Fluke 345 is more than an electric power meter. Combining the functions of a clamp meter, oscilloscope, data logger and digital power meter into one handy device, the Fluke 345 is ideal for working with variable frequency motor drives, high efficiency lighting and other loads using switching electronics.
The multi-faceted Fluke 345 is packed with features such as a bright, color display to analyze the harmonic spectrum, a low-pass filter to remove high frequency noise and a high EMC immunity design, making the Fluke 345 power analyzer ideal for troubleshooting power quality on switching loads. The internal memory of this electric power meter enables long-term power quality logging for analysis of trends or intermittent problems. Additionally, the Hall Effect clamp meter design makes measurement of dc current possible without the need to break the circuit.
Besides effectively performing basic tasks like measuring power and power factor, the Fluke 345 power meters offer the ease of use, portability and flexibility needed to resolve most power issues in commercial, industrial and residential settings.


  • Combines the functions of a power analyzer, power quality logger, scope, data logger, and clamp meter in one handy tool
  • Measures AC current to 1400 A RMS and DC current to 2000 A without breaking the circuit
  • Carries the highest safety rating: 600 V CAT IV rated for use at the service entrance
  • Delivers accuracy even in noisy environments with distorted waveforms present on electronic loads with low-pass filter
  • Logs any power quality parameter, including harmonics, for minutes or for over a month to help identify intermittent faults
  • Verifies batteries with direct measurement of DC ripple (%) for battery and DC systems
  • Analyzes and logs harmonics digitally or graphically
  • Captures and analyzes inrush current nuisance tripping due from 3 seconds to 300 seconds
  • Makes it easy to confirm power meter setup with large backlit color display of waveforms and trends
  • Downloads logged data via USB with PowerLog application software making it easy to view trends and screenshots, analyze, and create reports
  • Powers the instrument without using the battery when performing extended logging sessions
  • Provides built in three-phase power measurement capability for balanced loads
  • Allows you to view graphs and generate reports with included Power Log software


Product Details
Product NameFluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter
PriceRs. 560,000/-
Display Specification
DisplayColor transmissive LCD 320 x 240 pixels (70 mm diagonal) with 2 level backlight
Measuring range0 to 2000 A DC or 1400 AC rms
Resolution10 mA in 40 A range 100 mA in 400 A range A in 2000 A range
Battery Life10 hours (backlight on full) 12 hours (backlight reduced)
General Specification
Accuracy23°C ±1°C (73.4°F ±1.8°F). See Ambient conditions specifications for temperature coefficients.
Emission rateIEC/EN 61326-1:1997 A
Jaw Opening60 mm
Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Weight820 g
Dimensions300 x 98 x 52 mm
Power SupplyBattery type 1.5 V Alkaline AA MN 1500 or IEC LR6 x 6

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