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Hantek DSO1062B Digital Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter

Hantek DSO1062B Digital Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter  Price in Pakistan
Hantek DSO1062B Digital Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter
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  • Model: MTAM-0162


The Hantek DSO1062B Series handheld, portable oscilloscope has a number of useful functions for field diagnosis and measurement such as one-touch, automatic setup which optimizes the position, range, timebase, and triggering to assure a stable display of virtually any input waveform. It also has the ability to capture, record and replay waveforms in its on-board 1000 frame memory. Once captured you can use the DSO1062B's Pass/Fail function to compare an unknown inputted waveform to a stored one.


  • High bandwidth 60MHz oscilloscope, 1GS/s sample rate, and 6000 counts DMM with analogue bar-graph
  • 1M memory depth
  • Refresh rate: 2500 frames
  • Large 5.6 inch TFT colour LCD display with 640 x 480 resolution with dual-window design
  • An easy-to-use pop-up menu with the built-in multi-language help system
  • 32 automatic measurements
  • Waveform math includes add, subtract, multiply, and divide
  • Store and recall over
  • Automatic cursor tracking measurements
  • XY mode
  • Built-in FFT function converts a time-domain signal into its frequency components to measure harmonic content and distortion in systems
  • Waveform Recorder to capture/replay input waveforms from CH1 and CH2 with a maximum record length of 1000 frames
  • Pass/fail function compares a stored waveform to an unknown input
  • Average mode for smoothing waveforms
  • Square wave output (2V, 1kHz) for easy probe adjustment
  • USB Host/Device 2.0 full-speed interface support removable disk LAN optional, can be controlled by PC (oscilloscope only)


Product Details
Product NameHantek DSO1062B Digital Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter
PriceRs. 54,000/-
Rise Time>3.5ns
Sampling Rate1GSa/s
General Specification
Display TypeLCD

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