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Hyundai HGC CU100-10N Contactors Units

Hyundai HGC CU100-10N Contactors Units price in Paksitan
Hyundai HGC CU100-10N Contactors Units
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  • Model: HYUI-245
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Capacitor switching contactor is combined with magnetic contactor. A contactor is assembled with damping resistors which limit the high in-rush current when the capacitors are switched on. They are assembled with early-make contact block, which is switched on before the main contacts, thus, limiting the in-rush current. Capacitor switching unit is composed of 3 NO main contacts and 1 auxiliary contact (1NO or 1NC).When power is supplied, the capacitor creates oscillation frequency (1~15KHZ) and generates transient current (over 180 ln). The capacitor switching unit limits the transient current, thus, protects main contacts. When power is supplied to the magnetic contactor, the value of maximum current is reduced as following cases.

Product Details
Product NameHyundai HGC CU100-10N Contactors Units
PriceRs. 9,350/-
Brand NameHyundai
Current Rating40 KVAR - 80 KVAR
General Specification
SeriesHG Series
SuitableHGC 50 - HGC 100

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