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Tecnologic Varactor V450/6 6 Steps Power Factor Controller

Tecnologic Varactor V450/6 6 Steps Power Factor Controller  Price in Pakistan
Tecnologic Varactor V450/6 6 Steps Power Factor Controller


Digital Reacive Power (PF) Regulators:

  • with Display of PF, Voltage, Required KVAR, Harmonics % Panel Temperature and Alarms.
  • With Intelligent Alarms for Harmonic Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Overtemperature & Low PF warning.

Main Features:

3 Digit LED Display.

Powerful Micro Processor based operation.

Automatic CT Polarity Correction (K&L).

Automatic C/K adjustment.

Gives Multile Readings such as:

Power factor, System Voltage, Required KVAR, Harmonic current over load, temperature inside PF Panel.

Alarm parameter and value.

Intelligent Alarm Functions:

Over-Voltage, Over Current (Harmonics).

Over-Temperature, Low PF Warning.

Individual Alarm programming & dis-enable.

Three operating modes : Auto, Man1, Man2 (Set at Auto Mode for regular operation).

Low voltage release  : de-energises the output relays whenever mains failures exceeds for 20ms.

High Voltage release : Switches off the cpapcitor banks in case of temporary phenomena connected with faults or manoevres generating overvoltage with a higher frequency than mains.

    System Alarms:

    Overtemperature : 0 -60 degree C.

    Harmonic Overload Alarm Threshold : 0 to 200% (Set at 1.25 ln).

    Overvoltage Alarm delay time : 1 to 250 min (Set at 60 min).

    Low PF Alarm Threshold : 0 to 1.00 (Set at 0.86).

    Low PF Alarm delay time : 1 to 250 min (Set at 60 min).

    Technical Specifications:

    Power Supply : 230 to 240V OR 115 to 120V (+,-) 10% 50/60Hz.

    Voltage input for measurement : 100 to 690V (RMS).

    Frequency : 50/60Hz (self determined).

    Current input : 5A via CT..5/5A to 12000/5A (Settable).

    C/K adjustment : Automatic adjustment.

    Switching interval : (Programmable) : 2 to 250 sec.

    Switching Sequence : Universal (Self adapting0.

    Enclosure : Self Extinguishing Plastic (UL94VO).

    Product Details
    Product NameTecnologic Varactor V450/6 6 Steps Power Factor Controller
    PriceRs. 56,000/-
    Display Specification
    SensitivityMedium : 0,100 A
    Size96 x 96 x 50 mm.
    Supply Voltage110-220-400* V
    General Specification
    Frequency50/60 Hz
    Steps6 Steps.
    TypePower Factor Controller.
    Voltmetric Signal100 - 690 Vrms

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