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Hanna HI-1230B pH Electrode For Field Use

Hanna HI-1230B pH Electrode For Field Use  Price in Pakistan
Hanna HI-1230B pH Electrode For Field Use


The Hanna HI-1230B is a plastic bodied gel filled double junction combination pH electrode suitable for general use and field applications where the tough plastic body offers immediate benefits over a glass body electrode.

Tips for the most accurate measurements:

Keep electrode hydrated:
Ideally, pH electrodes should be kept in a storage solution when not in use. Placing the electrode in a small glass filled with storage solution is suitable. An option for pocket meters is to place a small piece of sponge into the meter’s cap and pour storage solution (HI-70300) into the cap to wet the sponge. Alternatively, purchase HI-740200 specialised electrode caps for storage. Pouring off any excess solution beforehand, the cap can then be placed on the meter.

Clean electrodes before use:

Clean the junction of your electrodes once a day or at least once a week to prevent junction clogging and to maintain accuracy. Immerse the electrode in the proper cleaning solution for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Hanna offers a wide range of cleaning solutions for general purpose and specific applications.

Product Details
Product NameHanna HI-1230B pH Electrode For Field Use
PriceRs. 17,500/-
General Specification
Body MaterialPEI (PolyEther-Imide)
Junction TypeCeramic, single
Max Pressure2 bar
Range0 to 12 pH; -5 to 70°C
ReferenceDouble, Ag/AgCl
Temperature sensorNo
Tip ShapeSpheric (dia: 7.5 mm)

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