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Fluke VT04A Visual IR thermometer

Fluke VT04A Visual IR thermometer  Price in Pakistan
Fluke VT04A Visual IR thermometer
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  • Brand: Fluke
  • Model: MTAM-223


The fluke vt04a visual IR thermometer is designed to help you see it all. You can see issues in context by blending the infrared heat map with a visual image. You can easily identify the exact location of the potential issue by blending the two at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% infrared with one button. View aligned images from as close as 15 cm (6 in) in near mode or from a distance in far mode. The vt04 also helps you take accurate temperature readings without taking your eyes off the screen. Fill the centre box with your target and rest assured you're measuring the target and not the background.



  • Compact and intuitive visual IR thermometer that blends a visual image with an infrared heat map overlay
  • Features NEAR and FAR mode that automatically aligns visual and thermal lenses to correctly locate issues
  • Includes a centre measurement box showing the exact area of temperature measurement on the screen



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Product Details
Product NameFluke VT04A Visual IR thermometer
PriceRs. 90,000/-
Computers Specs
SoftwareProfessional smartview® software enables you to optimize and analyze images, create quick reports and export images to multiple formats
Temperature-10 °c to +250 °c (14 °f to 482 °f)
Battery LifeEight (8) hours
CaseVt04: hard case , vt04a: soft case for portability
General Specification
Alignment optionsNear: <23 cm (9 in) from target , far: >23 cm (9 in) from target
Battery SavingThree screen brightness levels; auto screen dimming after 2 minutes; configurable auto-off time of 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes
Battery TypeVt04: li-ion rechargeable , vt04a: four (4) aa batteries
Built-in visual cameraYes, get the context of visible light details in your images
ErgonomicsSlim, lightweight, pocket-sized design
Field of view28° x 28° — the tight field of view lets you see more detail in your target
File Format.bmp or .is2. The .is2 is editable in smartview® software
Focus SystemFocus free
Infrared HeatYes, five blending modes on camera and continuous blending in smartview® software
Storage4 gb micro-sd card that stores up to 9,999 images

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