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Tes-1162 Thermo/Hygro/Barometer

Tes-1162 Thermo/Hygro/Barometer  Price in Pakistan
Tes-1162 Thermo/Hygro/Barometer
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  • Brand: TES
  • Model: MADM-33


  • 1.8%RH high Accuracy Humidity measurement
  • Triple LCD displays Barometric pressure,  Temperature, and Relative humidity
  • Absolute humidity, Mixing ratio and Enthalpy reading
  • Water vapor pressure and Water saturation pressure reading
  • Pressure trend and tendency (P3h) reading
  • Heat Index and Humidex reading

Product Details
Product NameTes-1162 Thermo/Hygro/Barometer
PriceRs. 48,000/-
Storage temperature & humidity range-10 ° C ~ 60 ° C, less than 70% RH
Resolution0.1% RH, 0.1 °C, 0.1 °F, 0.1hPa
Relative Humidity±1.8%RH (25°C, 10~90% RH). ±4%RH (25°C, 0~10% RH and 90~100% RH)
Alarm OutputOpen collector output, input impedance: 490W maximum applied voltage: 24V DC maximum drive current: 50mA DC
General Specification
Operating Temperature0°C~ 60°C, Less than 95% RH
Power006P 9V or IEC6F22, NEDA 1604 battery

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