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SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter

SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter price in Paksitan
SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter
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SM8124 battery internal resistance voltage meter can clearly test the battery internal resistance and voltage. It can test 0.2ohm, 2ohm, 20ohm range, and internal resistance resolution can be 0.2ohm(0.0001ohm), 2ohm(0.001ohm), 20ohm(0.01ohm). Voltage measurement rance  could be 0~2V,2V~20V,20~200V and also the voltage resolution can be (0~2V)1mV ,(2V~20V)10mV, (20V~200V)100mV.


  • Made of premium material it is strong and durable for long time.
  • Fine workmanship easy to use.
  • Mainly used to measure battery terminal voltage and internal resistance.
  • Applicable for measurement of internal resistances of Lithium-ion nickel-hydroxide lithium-manganese cells or assembled battery.
  • Compact and lightweight portable to carry.
  • Descriptions:
  • Internal resistance Measurement Range: 0.2ohm 2ohm 20ohm
  • Internal Resistance Resolution: 0.2ohm(0.0001ohm) 2ohm(0.001ohm) 20ohm(0.01ohm

Product Details
Product NameSM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter
PriceRs. 0/-
Display Specification
Resistance Resolution0.2ohm(0.0001ohm), 2ohm(0.001ohm), 20ohm(0.01ohm
Voltage Resolution(0~2V)1mV ,(2V~20V)10mV, (20V~200V)100mV
General Specification
PowerOne 9V Battery
Resistance Measurement Range0.2ohm, 2ohm, 20ohm
Voltage Measurement Range0~2V,2V~20V,20~200V

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