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Autonics BTS200-MDTL-P Photoelectric Sensor Retroreflective Type

Autonics BTS200-MDTL-P Photoelectric Sensor Retroreflective Type  Price in Pakistan
Autonics BTS200-MDTL-P Photoelectric Sensor Retroreflective Type
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  • Brand: Autonics
  • Model: ICTS-55


The BTS series ultra-compact, slim type photoelectric sensors are ideal for installation in limited spaces and compact applications. The sensors measure just 7.2 mm wide, come equipped with built-in amplifiers and are capable of detecting tiny objects including metallic wires and semiconductor chips. The BTS Series is also built with IP67 protection structure and stainless steel mounting brackets, providing durable and reliable sensing solutions in diverse environments.


  • Ultra-slim width of only 7.2 mm
  • W 7.2 x H 18.6 x L 9.5 mm (through-beam type)
  • W 7.2 x H 24.6 x L 10.8 mm (retroreflective type, convergent reflective type)
  • Detection methods and minimum target size
  • Through-beam type (BTS1M): Ø2 mm
  • Retroreflective type (BTS200): Ø2 mm (at distance 100 mm)
  • Convergent reflective type (BTS15/BTS30): Ø0.15 mm (at distance 10 mm)
  • Detecting distance may vary by environmental factors
  • Maximum detection distance: 1 m (through-beam type) 
  • Stability indicator (green LED) and operation indicator (red LED)
  • Stainless steel 304 mounting brackets
  • IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)

Product Details
Product NameAutonics BTS200-MDTL-P Photoelectric Sensor Retroreflective Type
PriceRs. 11,900/-
Response TimeMax 1ms
Light SourceRed LED (650nm)
Control outputPNP Open Collector
Sensing Range10 to 200mm
General Specification
Operating Temperature -20 to 550C
Sensing TypeConvergent Reflective
TypePhotoelectric Sensor
Power Supply12 to 24VDC ± 10%

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