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Autonics LE7M-2 Digital Weekly/Yearly Time Switch

Autonics LE7M-2 Digital Weekly/Yearly Time Switch  Price in Pakistan
Autonics LE7M-2 Digital Weekly/Yearly Time Switch
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  • Brand: Autonics
  • Model: ICST-39


Weekly/Yearly timer LE7M-2 allows various weekly or yearly unit time setting and control by user. It includes 2 independent control output (Relay), and is easy to set and check the detail of program setting. Also, various mounting methods are supported including flush, surface and DIN RAIL in order to increase user’s convenience.

Autoncis Model LE7M-2, seven day weekly timer offers a wide range of control flexibility through simple programming for each day individually or repeated for two through seven days. The weekly timer has two independent SPDT relay outputs each of which can be programmed in any of three timing modes. The timer can be front panel, base, or DIN rail mounted with all hardware for the three methods supplied with the unit. Changes to individual days can be accomplished without the need to reprogram the entire week.

A front panel check button allows the user to view the programmed information without affecting the operation. Also, a manual override of the outputs allows the user to force them ON or OFF if required. The timer can operate from 100 to 240VAC, 50/60 Hz and has 2 sets of SPDT 5 amp contacts. The timer is UL and CSA listed. The AUTONICS p/n is LE7M-2.


  • Easy to check and change the program setting
  • Customizable weekly or yearly unit time setting and control by user
  • Includes daylight saving time function
  • 1 independent control output. (relay)
  • Flush and surface, DIN rail mounting are in one unit


Product Details
Product NameAutonics LE7M-2 Digital Weekly/Yearly Time Switch
PriceRs. 0/-
Ambient Temperature (-10 C to 55 C) Storage: -25 C to 65 C
Insulation Resistance (Min. 100 M-Ohms, at 500VDAC)
Size72x72 mm
Power ConsumptionMax : 4.2 VA
Mounting (Front Panel, surface, DIN rail)
Dielectric Strength(2000 VACV 50/60 Hz for 1 minute)
Control output (2 Independent 1c x 2)
General Specification
Contact Capacity (250 VAC 10A resistive load)
Contact type (SPDT, Single Power Double Throw)
MemoryProtection : (Over 5 years, at 25 C)
Operation Mode (ON/OFF mode, cycle mode, pulse mode)
Power Supply100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

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