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Autonics SPC1-35 Single Phase Power Controller

Autonics SPC1-35 Single Phase Power Controller  Price in Pakistan
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Autonics SPC1-35 Single Phase Power Controller
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  • Brand: Autonics
  • Model: MPCB-158


The SPC1 series single phase power controllers offer reliable and stable power control. The units can handle various control inputs and feature various control modes (phase control, cycle control, ON/OFF control). The controllers also feature various functions including output adjustment function and soft start function. Users can also quickly identify operation status with the LED output operation indicator.


Power controller
Single Phase
5 Selectable control Inputs

Various and Simple Input Specification:

  • DC4-20mA, 1-5VDC, External 24VDC
  • External adjuster(1kΩ)
  • External contact(ON/OFF)

Various Function:

  • Out ADJ (output limit) function
  • Soft Start function (except for ON/OFF control type)
  • Out display function
  • 50/60Hz automatic converting function

Various Control Type by Mode Switches:

  • Phase control type
  • Cycle control type(zero cross turn-on)
  • ON/OFF control type(zero cross turn-on)


Product Details
Product NameAutonics SPC1-35 Single Phase Power Controller
PriceRs. 17,000/-
Rated CurrentMax : 35A Single Phase
InputControl : 1 to 5VDC, 4 to 20mA (250 ohms), ON/OFF (External) External VR (1K ohms) or output Limit input (Inner VR)
General Specification
AccuracyTemperature : ±1.0℃(at room temperature) | Humidity : ±3%RH(30 to 70%RH, at room temp.), ±4%RH(10 to 90%RH)
Control TypeSelectable: Phase Control, Cycle Control, Zero Cross ON/OFF
Environment Ambient Temperature-20 to 60℃, storage: -20 to 60℃
Indication OutputBy LED
MovementSoft Start
Output HumidityVoltage(1-5VDC )
Output TemperatureVoltage(1-5VDC )
Sampling Cycle500ms
TypeSingle Phase Power Controller
Power Supply220VAC ± 10%

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