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TES 1335 Digital Light Meter

TES 1335 Digital Light Meter price in Paksitan
TES 1335 Digital Light Meter
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  • Model: WTES-94
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Rs. 28,000/-


  • Spectral correction factor function (include LED)
  • User calibration function (CAL)
  • Spectral Sensitivity close to CIE photopic Curve.
  • Measuring Levels Ranging 0 to 400,000 Lux, 0 to 40,000 fc.
  • Accurate and Instant response.
  • Data Hold function.
  • MAX/MIN function.
  • Peak Hold function.
  • Relative function.
  • Cosine Angular corrected.
  • Auto-Power-Off function.


Product Details
Product NameTES-1335 Digital Light Meter
PriceRs. 20,000/-
Display Specification
Display“OL” is displayed
Measuring range40.00Lux、400.0Lux、4000Lux、40.00KLux、 400.0KLux、40.00fc、400.0fc、4000fc、40.00Kfc (1 fc = 10.76 Lux)
Measuring rateDigits : 1.3/sec Analog : 13.3/sec
Resolution0.01 Lux, 0.01 fc
Power Source6 pcs AAA size Battery
General Specification
Accuracy±3%rdg ± 0.5% f.s. (±4%rdg±10 dgts as > 10,000 lux range). (calibrated to standard incandescent lamp at color temperature 2856K).
CIE photopicf ’1 ≦ 6%
Cosine Responsef ’2 ≦ 2%
Temperature Characteristics±0.1% 1°c
Dimension150(L) ×72(W) ×35(H)mm

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