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Prova 1660 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

Prova 1660 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter  Price in Pakistan
Prova 1660 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter
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  • Brand: TES
  • Model: MTCM-105


The PROVA 1660 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter can accurately measure 1-phase and 3-phase Transformer/VT/CT turns ratio, Excitation current, Phase angle and Deviation.  Its measurement range is quite wide (from 0.8:1 to 10000:1), and the best accuracy is 0.1%.
The PROVA 1660 is light, portable and easy to use.  Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery it can continuously work for 10 hours or more.  Users just need to follow the graphical and literal illustration of LCD display to make winding connection.  If the transformer is live with voltage or the winding connection is wrong, PROVA 1660 will warn users.  Also the Model 1660 can store 4096 files of measurement data, and they can be transferred to a PC via wireless Blue Tooth.
Transformers are a very important element in the electric power distribution system and needs to be maintained.  With PROVA 1660 users can ensure the correct turns ratio and quality of the transformer


  • Measurements of 1Φand 3ΦTransformer/VT/CT Turns Ratio.
  • VT/PT ratio 0.8~10000, CT ratio 0.8~2000.
  • Graphical and Literal Illustration of Measurements and Connections with Large Back-lighted Dot Matrix 240 x 128 LCD.  Display Test Data with Nameplate Transformer Values for Easy Interpretation.
  • 10 Test Frequencies (50~400Hz).
  • Display Turns Ratio, Deviation, Secondary Output, Excitation Voltage and Current, Phase Angle and Nameplate Transformer/VT/CT Values in one page for easy transformer quality interpretation.
  • Check for Live Test Points, Short Circuit, Open Circuit, and Reverse Polarity before Each Measurement.  Message is displayed to Warn Users (But, checking is not performed once measurement starts).
  • Store 4096 Files of Transformer Nameplate Values (VT/PT/CT, 1Φ/3Φ, Test Frequency, Primary and Secondary Voltages or Ratio, RCF) and Measuring Data.
  • 9 types of 3Φ Windings Connections pre-installed for easy user selection.
  • Wireless Blue Tooth Communication with PC.Select Filter to Remove Field Noise (Slow, Normal, Fast).
  • Disable or Enable Auto-Power-Off with Programmable Time.
  • Built-in calendar clock.
  • Records with Date and Time Stamp.
  • Powerful Lithium Battery (3400mAH) with built-in Charging Circuit.
  • User Programmable RCF (Reference Correction Factor, 0.99~1.01) to Correct Accuracy within 1% Error.
  • Friendly File System for Easy On-site Data Retrieval and Nameplate Values Management.

Product Details
Product NameProva 1660 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter
PriceRs. 280,000/-
Battery Life10 h
Grid-Tie Operation
Excitation Signal CT0 → 1 A, 0.1 → 20 Vrms
Ratio Range CT0.8 → 2000
General Specification
Excitation Current Display0 → 1000mA
Excitation Voltage VT/PT34Vrms
PC InterfaceBlueTooth
Ratio Range VT/PT0.8 → 10000:1
Test Frequencies50 Hz, 55 Hz, 60 Hz, 70 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 200 Hz, 240 Hz, 300 Hz, 400 Hz

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