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Benetech GT-230 Film Coating Thickness Gauge

Benetech GT-230 Film Coating Thickness Gauge price in Paksitan
Benetech GT-230 Film Coating Thickness Gauge
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This product is a color-screen portable coating thickness gauge with highdefinition display, which can quickly, non-destructively and accurately me-asure non-magnetic coating thickness on magnetic metal substrates and non-metallic coating thickness measurement on non-magnetic metal sub-strates. At the same time it can automatically identify magnetic metal substrate and non-magnetic metal substrate, and is widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other testing areas.


  • Menu operation and color-screen HD display.
  • Thickness measurement of non-magnetic coating on magnetic metal substrate surface and non-metallic coating on non-magnetic metal substrate.
  • Two measurement methods: single measurement, continuous measurement.
  • Basic calibration and Zero-point calibration available.
  • Metric/imperial unit and storage function.
  • Screen rotation, charge protection, multi-interface displays, screen brightness selection.
  • Automatic shutdown.

Product Details
Product NameBenetech GT-230 Film Coating Thickness Gauge
PriceRs 22,000/-
General Specification
Measurement Error≤150μm ±5μm >150μm ±(3%H+1μm)
Measurement Range0 ~ 1300um/51mil
Resolution( 0.1μm(<100μm),1μm( ≥100μm))/0.1mil
TypeFilm Coating Thickness Gauge
Working VoltageDC 3.7V (Lithium battery capacity 1000mAh)

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