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Sanwa CD732 Digital Multimeter

Sanwa CD732 Digital Multimeter  Price in Pakistan
Sanwa CD732 Digital Multimeter
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  • Brand: SANWA
  • Model: MTDM-103


  • 6000 count
  • Use of fire-retarding materials for holster and circuit board
  • Wide-range capacitance measurement (0.01nF to 3999μF)
  • Data hold / Range hold
  • Safety cap on 615A terminal
  • Protective holster with wall hanger and lead holder
  • Auto Power Save (16min.) (cancelable)
  • Display: numeral display 6000, bar graph 61 segments
  • Sampling rate : 3 times/sec., 30 times/sec. for bar graph



Sanwa CD732 Digital Multimeter Manual

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Product NameSanwa CD732 Digital Multimeter
PriceRs. 33,000/-

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